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Chillcast Video #76: Artemis

Chillcast Video #76: Artemis

Returning to the show today is San Francisco artist, Artemis. She just released an animated video for the dreamy Mijo remix of “Easy.” This lovely video was created by Sara Abtahi, an Iranian artist currently living in Germany. You can download the song “Easy (Mijomix)” or the full Auralei EP from Bandcamp, with their unique “pay what you want” option. Artemis is in the process of completing a new album and participating in the Song-A-Day challenge, posting her work online for your listening pleasure.

Download Chillcast Video #76: Artemis (m4v)

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I’m not entirely convinced that this should be a 4:3 video. It looks compressed horizontally. I wouldn’t expect any artist to make 4:3 videos in this day and age.

You’ve also had to upscale quite a bit because the line art looks lo-res.

Technical details aside, it is a lovely song.