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GoDaddy Promo Code List

Save money and help support The Chillcast by using one of my easy GoDaddy promo codes:

  • BEE30 – save 30% on any new order purchases of GoDaddy’s products
  • 199BEE – get a new .com domain name for just $1.99 (works for domain transfers too!)

Just enter your preferred GoDaddy Promo Code when you check out at to receive your discount. GoDaddy makes it easy for you to use these promo codes (a.k.a. coupon codes) so please give give these codes a try for a great discount on your next purchase at GoDaddy, whether it’s for a new domain name, web hosting for your website, or an SSL certificate.

These are brand new GoDaddy promo codes, so please take note of these new coupon codes or bookmark this page for future use! These promo codes are non-expiring and can be used over and over again! Check back every 3 months for a special limited time offer promo code from GoDaddy. If you’re looking for a different type of GoDaddy promo code or discount, you can try this GoDaddy promo code forum thread.

I’d like to thank you so much for helping to support not only my podcast but my band, Lovespirals, by using my personal GoDaddy promo codes! Not only do you save money on your domain name registrations, renewals, and hosting plans, but you also help me to keep bringing you great podcasts and independent music.

This very site is hosted by GoDaddy. As well, all my other websites are hosted by, and all of my domain names are registered with, GoDaddy. The fact that I’ve been happy with their website hosting, domain name services, and customer service for so many years now should let you know how much I recommend GoDaddy.

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