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“Requiem” Lyrics

Posted by on Jul 3, 2005 in lyrics | 0 comments

“Requiem” Plastic Chair Single (2005) You know I can’t even remember Your number anymore And sometimes your name eludes me But your face still stays Your voice rings in silent ears Though the feelings have fled So empty now… I suppose it always was He teases me Making empty offers He holds out a silver goblet I reach out to take it He turns it upside down, Shrieking, “There’s nothing in it!” Next, he proffers a delicate box I...

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“Heartstrings” Lyrics

Posted by on May 18, 2004 in lyrics | 0 comments

“Heartstrings” Beauty’s Confusion Single (2004) I feel him tug my heartstrings His fingers pluck the melodies Part of the cosmic fugue now Melding into everything Turn away our daily cares and Let the music soothe our souls And the notes that he’s playing Combine with mine to make us whole Music is magic I feel it moving me Music has the power To set our souls free In the quiet of the night All alone in our room While...

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“Phantasma” Lyrics

Posted by on May 9, 2004 in lyrics | 0 comments

“Phantasma” Bitstream Dream Integration (2004) All the world is wonderful Filled with people beautiful So many things to see and do So many dreams to make come true Still, there’s one thing to understand Its all illusion through and through Reality like grains of sand Slipping quickly through our hands It’s a sleight of hand Conjuror’s trick A puff of smoke and it’s gone Don’t you get caught up this parlor trick When all is said and done, you’ve...

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“Love Me Leave Me” Lyrics

Posted by on Jan 2, 2004 in lyrics | 2 comments

“Love Me Leave Me”  Love Me Leave Me Remixes (2013), Love Me Leave Me LP (2013) Love me, leave me Devour me, deceive me Is that the way that this is going to be Between you and me You say you want me, I’m sure that’s true But how long will it be until you’re through There’s something I don’t trust in your eyes You speak to me with sugar coated lies Love me, leave me Devour me, deceive...

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“I Carry You” Lyrics

Posted by on May 19, 2003 in lyrics | 0 comments

“I Carry You” Plastic Chair Single (2003) I feel the whole world moving through me Entire populations stirring within me I feel their lives, their deaths, filling me I want to embrace them with my body To mother and encase, to heal with my flesh I am the embodiment of goodness I shall touch the ill and make them whole I am expanding out of all proportion Rivers course through me, tears and blood And emotions more dense than...

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“Dispersion” Lyrics

Posted by on Mar 18, 2003 in lyrics | 0 comments

“Dispersion” by Plastic Chair single (2003) Watashi no (my) Aware na (poor) Kokoro ga (heart) Itandeiru (is aching) My days are timeless Never ending Too brief for words Time swirls ’round my feet Whisking me ahead Marching me back Leaving me in limbo I float – By Anji Bee (BMI) Note: Japanese translation by Chukimai, the musical half of Plastic...

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“Good Bye” Lyrics

Posted by on Jun 16, 2001 in lyrics | 0 comments

“Good Bye” Bitstream Dream Single (2001) Some time ago and far away I met a boy who could make me smile We fell in love on that fateful day And I stayed for a little while But all dreams must end And this was no exception I’d like to think that we’re still friends That’s just my perception I had to leave and come back home So goodbye, Steve I hope you make it on your own Good bye,...

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