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“Just One Word” Single Released on Bandcamp

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in headline stories, music, news | 0 comments

Up until now, Anji’s soulful downtempo track, “Just One Word,” was only available as a hidden bonus track on the Bandcamp digital release of ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ Interest in the song sparked from including the sensual track on her popular YouTube channel, Happy Healthy Vegan, inspired her to release the Lovespirals co-production officially as a stand-alone single. It is currently a Bandcamp exclusive, with a music video to follow shortly on Anji’s Official YouTube channel. The cover art features a previously unreleased shot from the 2012 album dphotoshoot with Aga La Maga. Just One Word (Single) by Anji...

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Anji Featured On new Falling You Album

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in music, news | 0 comments

The new album by Bay Area recording project, Falling You, just released a new album on Project Records called ‘Shine’. This highly collaborative album contains a song featuring lyrics and vocals by Anji Bee, called “World On Fire.” This marks the second time Bee has worked with band founder and songwriter, Michael Zorko, who previously collaborated in 2011 for the song “Blessed,” his album, ‘Adore.’ Stream the track in full, below, before purchasing: Shine by Falling...

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Anji Bee and The Grooveblaster Release ‘Destiny’

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in music, news | 0 comments

‘Destiny’ the beautiful new single from The Grooveblaster & Anji Bee is now available on iTunes. It is the 12th and final single of the Grooveblaster’s 12 singles in 12 months campaign, and the ninth song this duo has created together. In 2008, The Grooveblaster created a remix of “This Truth,” by Anji’s band, Lovespirals. Soon after, she contributed vocals to 2 tracks on The Grooveblaster album, ‘Cities Streets & Bebop Nights.’ Another two collaborations were created for his 2011 album, ‘Out of the Past,’ and 2 more Grooveblaster remixes were produced from Anji’s first solo album, ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ There are tentative plans to re-release all of these collabs in one collection, potentially with one or two more original songs by the duo. Keep your eyes out for more news! Destiny (featuring Anji Bee) by The Grooveblaster Or Buy ‘Destiny’ by...

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New Karmacoda Album Features Anji Bee

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in music, news | 0 comments

A review of ‘Love and Fate’: With Karmacoda‘s 5th full length album, B has firmly asserted himself as the driving creative force behind the band’s classic trip hop inspired sound. His smooth, calming vocals grace all 10 tracks on ‘Love and Fate,’ more than any of the previous releases. The loss of the band’s former diva, Heather Pierce, is made up for by exciting collaborations with a bevy of female vocalists including Beth Hirsch and Anji Bee, who were featured on Karmacoda’s 2011 release, ‘Eternal.’ Ms. Hirsch is featured on 3 slow to mid-tempo duets, including the heartstring-tugging, SomaFM chart-topping lead single, “We Don’t Have A Lot Of Time.” Long time friends of the band and fellow San Francisco artists, Tyler Stone and Artemis, contribute a track a piece, while the Los Angeles-based Shannon Hurley lends her voice to...

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Official Video for Aerotek & Anji Bee Collab

Posted by on Jan 25, 2015 in music, news, Video | 0 comments

Up and coming Chilean melodic trance producer and DJ, Aerotek, has released an official video for his 2012 collaboration with Anji Bee, “My Lonely Sunset.” This dreamy single had been slated for a May 2013 release on Perceptive Recordings, including a remix by Mobil, and a radio edit. Sadly, it still has not come out, despite much support from fans, bloggers, and online DJs. Hopefully 2015 will see it made available for sale at long last! Check out the video below and be sure to comment on YouTube if you’d like to be able to buy a digital download of this song on iTunes, Bandcamp, or another online...

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Music Tap Reviews ‘Love Me Leave Me’

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in featured, Love Me Leave Me, music, news | 0 comments

Long time fan of Anji Bee’s work with Lovespirals, Matt Rowe, wrote a very positive review of her debut album for the site, MusicTap. Likening her vocal work and musical style to the smooth jazz of Sade, Rowe concludes that, “Love Me Leave Me is an excellent, jazz-fueled, chillout set.  If you like smooth jazz (or chill music), then this album hits all the right spots.” Read the full review below, or over at Anji Bee, the honey-voiced chanteuse of Lovespirals, has gone and made what many fans of the band was waiting a long time for, her own solo album. Any fan aware of Lovespirals already knows the style of Anji Bee’s approach.  She uses a breathy, light toned vocal to infuse their songs with a commanding attraction, escalating the smooth jazz that Ryan Lum produces musically....

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New Lovespirals Video and Single Released

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in lovespirals, music, news, Video | 0 comments

The first new single from Lovespirals since their 2010 album, ‘Future Past,’ is in many regards a return to form for band founder, Ryan Lum. Lum exploded onto the American dream pop scene back in 1991 as Love Spirals Downwards on the Projekt Records label, quickly establishing himself as one of the best ethereal producers and guitarists this side of the Atlantic. “Brother Against Brother” is swirling, ambient, folk-tinged dream pop replete with heavily effected ethereal guitar and female vocals by his bandmate, Anji Bee. Bee created this appropriately heavenly video filled with fluffy slo-mo clouds and the duo dressed like angels in all white using her iPhone and Final Cut Pro. Each member selfied their own performance in the video. 🙂 —————————————-­———————————— Buy the 2-song single at Brother Against Brother (Single) by Lovespirals CREDITS: Ryan Lum: composition,...

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Below Zero Features Love Me Leave Me

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Love Me Leave Me, music, news | 0 comments

Respected San Francisco based downtempo and chillout radio show, Below Zero, is supporting ‘Love Me Leave Me‘ in a big way. Anji Bee is currently featured as their Break Through Artist, featured on the front page alongside Julian Lennon’s “Pick of the Week,” Lou Rhodes, formerly of Lamb. Two singles from the album are included in their Weekly Top 10. “Love Me Leave Me” has been charting for 6 weeks, with the highest rank of #6, while “Got All I Need” has been charting for 3 weeks, with the highest ranking being #2. “Put Some Music On,” charted for 3 weeks back in February and March 2012, when the single was first released by 3345 Music. BZ also supported Anji’s collaboration with friends of the show and SF local band, Karmacoda, and Parisian singer/songwriter, Beth Hirsch, when the “Love...

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Anji Bee Solo Album Released

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in featured, Love Me Leave Me, music, news | 0 comments

Anji Bee, of The Chillcast, has just dropped her debut solo album, ‘Love Me Leave Me,’ featuring a mix of old and new songs recorded and produced over 3 years in her home studio. Though Bee has released 4 albums, 6 eps and numerous singles with her So Cal duo, Lovespirals, she’s still found the creative energy to collaborate on dozens of songs with artists such as Berlin club sweetheart, Bloody Mary, Parisian poptronica chanteuse Beth Hirsch, and Chilean trance producer, Aerotek, over the past decade. “I love working with producers internationally via the Internet, but often feel my vocals could have been pushed further had we been in the studio together,” says Bee of her collaborative work. “After we released the last Lovespirals album [‘Future Past‘ released on Bee’s own label, Chillcuts, in 2010], Ryan suggested we put...

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Mr. Alfa + Anji Bee Release New Single

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in featured, music, news | 0 comments

On the brink of releasing her debut solo album, Anji Bee first releases a new single in collaboration with German producer, Mr. Alfa, on his Venus Recordings label. The 2- song single, ‘Doomed/Who Will Help The Girl,’ was begun last November, when Alfa Kay sent Bee the instrumental demo which became “Doomed.” Perhaps ironically, Bee added these distinctly unromantic lyrics to the tune in a Valentine’s Day 2013 recording session. Its unusual for Bee to use her first take scratch vocals in a finished song, but the immediacy of the recording adds a refreshing looseness to the nearly 7-minute jazzy downtempo track. The flip side, “Who Will Help The Girl,” invites the possibility of future love with its questioning lyric and more upbeat chillout vibes. Bee and Kay previously collaborated on the free single, “Winter Sun,” released last Christmas...

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