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Gone (F9 Mix) by Anji Bee Free on Internet Archive

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017 in music, news | 0 comments

The Internet Archive is now hosting the year 2000 classic Fishtank No. 9 mix of “Gone” by Anji Bee. Never commercially released, this song has been unavailable anywhere for over a decade. Now you can stream or download it in multiple audio formats for free! The entry includes retro artwork with a photo from their era, often seen in Bitstream Dream publicity. Anji’s liner notes: My first online music collaboration was a song called “Gone.” I had recorded what I thought were just scratch vocals for a demo using my computer mic in Peak on an iMac. I was listening to an instrumental mp3 via headphones on an eMachine — with just one earpiece on, so I could still hear myself sing. Then I copied the sound files to a Zip disc, transferred them onto the eMachine, and arranged them...

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“Just One Word” Single Released on Bandcamp

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in headline stories, music, news | 0 comments

Up until now, Anji’s soulful downtempo track, “Just One Word,” was only available as a hidden bonus track on the Bandcamp digital release of ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ Interest in the song sparked from including the sensual track on her popular YouTube channel, Happy Healthy Vegan, inspired her to release the Lovespirals co-production officially as a stand-alone single. It is currently a Bandcamp exclusive, with a music video to follow shortly on Anji’s Official YouTube channel. The cover art features a previously unreleased shot from the 2012 album dphotoshoot with Aga La Maga. Just One Word (Single) by Anji...

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Anji Featured On new Falling You Album

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in music, news | 0 comments

The new album by Bay Area recording project, Falling You, just released a new album on Project Records called ‘Shine’. This highly collaborative album contains a song featuring lyrics and vocals by Anji Bee, called “World On Fire.” This marks the second time Bee has worked with band founder and songwriter, Michael Zorko, who previously collaborated in 2011 for the song “Blessed,” his album, ‘Adore.’ Stream the track in full, below, before purchasing: Shine by Falling...

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Anji Bee “Foolish” Lyric Video on YouTube

Posted by on Dec 17, 2016 in Love Me Leave Me, music, news, video | 0 comments

Lyrics video for the song “Foolish” from the Anji Bee album, ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ This retro 90’s trip hop song has a bit of a jazzy, orchestral feel to it. This tune is a collaboration with Lovespirals’ producer/musician, Ryan Lum. “Foolish” from ‘Love Me Leave Me’ by Anji Bee Buy digital or autographed CD + poster at Use discount code YOUTUBE for 10% off! Also on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc....

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Lovespirals “Motherless Child” Music Video

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

The first single from Lovespirals’ 2007 album, ‘Long Way From Home,’ was a heart-rending ethereal blues cover of the anonymous American spiritual, “Motherless Child.” It also appears on the ‘Motherless Child EP’ released September 16, 2007. This video was filmed by Lovespirals’ vocalist, Anji Bee, on a road trip to Sonoma County, California. The ‘Motherless Child EP’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp or other online stores. Get an autographed CD of ‘Long Way from Home’ for JUST $1 at while supplies last!!! Motherless Child EP by...

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Anji Bee and The Grooveblaster Release ‘Destiny’

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in music, news | 0 comments

‘Destiny’ the beautiful new single from The Grooveblaster & Anji Bee is now available on iTunes. It is the 12th and final single of the Grooveblaster’s 12 singles in 12 months campaign, and the ninth song this duo has created together. In 2008, The Grooveblaster created a remix of “This Truth,” by Anji’s band, Lovespirals. Soon after, she contributed vocals to 2 tracks on The Grooveblaster album, ‘Cities Streets & Bebop Nights.’ Another two collaborations were created for his 2011 album, ‘Out of the Past,’ and 2 more Grooveblaster remixes were produced from Anji’s first solo album, ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ There are tentative plans to re-release all of these collabs in one collection, potentially with one or two more original songs by the duo. Keep your eyes out for more news! Destiny (featuring Anji Bee) by The Grooveblaster Or Buy ‘Destiny’ by...

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Lovespirals “Heartstrings” Video

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

“Heartstrings” is a lovely high point in the tracklisting for Lovespirals’ upcoming 5th album. The song is a celebration of the duo’s creative connection and the love that goes into Ryan and Anji’s music. The music video, created by the band themselves, is a beautiful representation of the song, shot during the height of California wildflower season. With 3 years of experience shooting, editing and producing videos for their YouTube channel, Happy Healthy Vegan, this creative couple have created what is surely their best and most professional looking music video to date. Buy the new single & music video on Lovespirals’ Bandcamp to help fund the band’s upcoming 5th album CREDITS: Ryan Lum: music, tracking, mixing, production & video filming Anji Bee: lyrics, vocals, co-production, video filming, video editing & album design Written by, published + copyright Anji Bee (BMI) + Ryan...

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New Lovespirals Single + Video Released

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in lovespirals, music, news | 0 comments

Part Dream Pop, part Americana, the new single from Anji Bee’s band, Lovespirals, is considerably more upbeat than “Brother Against Brother,” the first single. Band founder, Ryan Lum, juxtaposes driving blues riffs and dreamy shoegazer guitar, finding a delicious balance between his earlier Love Spirals Downwards work and more recent Lovespirals work. Anji’s vocals exude the confidence born from years of familiarity with the material, with a lovely harmony of her natural earthy tone and haunting upper register. “Heartstrings” has been 12 years in the making, beginning as a collaborative idea between Lovespirals and indie electronica duo, Beauty’s Confusion. The song was based around an acoustic guitar loop of Ryan, to which Chris of BC added beats and a Johnny Mars-esque electric guitar. The project came to an standstill over artistic differences, and in 2005 Anji sent her vocal...

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Lovespirals “Sandcastles” Music Video Out

Posted by on Nov 7, 2015 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

Music video for “Sandcastles,” the epic closing track to Lovespirals‘ album, ‘Free and Easy.’ Enjoy 2 gorgeous sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, shot at the pristine So Cal beach, Crystal Cove. The first sunset was shot from down on the beach, while the second one was filmed from up on the bluff. The second sunset is the most amazing technicolor sky Anji and Ryan have ever experienced, and it really brings the gospel-like chorus and ending electric guitar solo to life! MUSIC: “Sandcastles” by Lovespirals From the album, ‘Free & Easy’ (2005) Available at Or iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Spotify CONNECT: or ...

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New Karmacoda Album Features Anji Bee

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in music, news | 0 comments

A review of ‘Love and Fate’: With Karmacoda‘s 5th full length album, B has firmly asserted himself as the driving creative force behind the band’s classic trip hop inspired sound. His smooth, calming vocals grace all 10 tracks on ‘Love and Fate,’ more than any of the previous releases. The loss of the band’s former diva, Heather Pierce, is made up for by exciting collaborations with a bevy of female vocalists including Beth Hirsch and Anji Bee, who were featured on Karmacoda’s 2011 release, ‘Eternal.’ Ms. Hirsch is featured on 3 slow to mid-tempo duets, including the heartstring-tugging, SomaFM chart-topping lead single, “We Don’t Have A Lot Of Time.” Long time friends of the band and fellow San Francisco artists, Tyler Stone and Artemis, contribute a track a piece, while the Los Angeles-based Shannon Hurley lends her voice to...

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