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Anji Bee “Foolish” Lyric Video on YouTube

Posted by on Dec 17, 2016 in Love Me Leave Me, music, news, video | 0 comments

Lyrics video for the song “Foolish” from the Anji Bee album, ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ This retro 90’s trip hop song has a bit of a jazzy, orchestral feel to it. This tune is a collaboration with Lovespirals’ producer/musician, Ryan Lum. “Foolish” from ‘Love Me Leave Me’ by Anji Bee Buy digital or autographed CD + poster at Use discount code YOUTUBE for 10% off! Also on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc....

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Lovespirals “Motherless Child” Music Video

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

The first single from Lovespirals’ 2007 album, ‘Long Way From Home,’ was a heart-rending ethereal blues cover of the anonymous American spiritual, “Motherless Child.” It also appears on the ‘Motherless Child EP’ released September 16, 2007. This video was filmed by Lovespirals’ vocalist, Anji Bee, on a road trip to Sonoma County, California. The ‘Motherless Child EP’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp or other online stores. Get an autographed CD of ‘Long Way from Home’ for JUST $1 at while supplies last!!! Motherless Child EP by...

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Lovespirals “Heartstrings” Video

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

“Heartstrings” is a lovely high point in the tracklisting for Lovespirals’ upcoming 5th album. The song is a celebration of the duo’s creative connection and the love that goes into Ryan and Anji’s music. The music video, created by the band themselves, is a beautiful representation of the song, shot during the height of California wildflower season. With 3 years of experience shooting, editing and producing videos for their YouTube channel, Happy Healthy Vegan, this creative couple have created what is surely their best and most professional looking music video to date. Buy the new single & music video on Lovespirals’ Bandcamp to help fund the band’s upcoming 5th album CREDITS: Ryan Lum: music, tracking, mixing, production & video filming Anji Bee: lyrics, vocals, co-production, video filming, video editing & album design Written by, published + copyright Anji Bee (BMI) + Ryan...

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Lovespirals “Sandcastles” Music Video Out

Posted by on Nov 7, 2015 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

Music video for “Sandcastles,” the epic closing track to Lovespirals‘ album, ‘Free and Easy.’ Enjoy 2 gorgeous sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, shot at the pristine So Cal beach, Crystal Cove. The first sunset was shot from down on the beach, while the second one was filmed from up on the bluff. The second sunset is the most amazing technicolor sky Anji and Ryan have ever experienced, and it really brings the gospel-like chorus and ending electric guitar solo to life! MUSIC: “Sandcastles” by Lovespirals From the album, ‘Free & Easy’ (2005) Available at Or iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Spotify CONNECT: or ...

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Video for Love Me Leave Me Morphism Remix

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Love Me Leave Me, news, video | 0 comments

Anton Gagarin, the creator of the VK-based  “Romulus Club” – a fan club for Rom Di Prisco and Saki Kaskas – recently created a music video for his remix of Anji Bee’s 2013 recording of “Love Me Leave Me.” This long time fan of Bitstream Dream considers his punchy glitch-hop track to be an homage to the original ’04 version of “Love Me Leave Me.” The Morphism had previously collaborated with Bee on the original track, “Cetus Aero,” for his 2013 release, ‘Madness Shift (EP).’ You can pick up “Love Me Leave Me (The Morphism Remix)” on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Google Play and other digital...

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Official Video for Aerotek & Anji Bee Collab

Posted by on Jan 25, 2015 in music, news, video | 0 comments

Up and coming Chilean melodic trance producer and DJ, Aerotek, has released an official video for his 2012 collaboration with Anji Bee, “My Lonely Sunset.” This dreamy single had been slated for a May 2013 release on Perceptive Recordings, including a remix by Mobil, and a radio edit. Sadly, it still has not come out, despite much support from fans, bloggers, and online DJs. Hopefully 2015 will see it made available for sale at long last! Check out the video below and be sure to comment on YouTube if you’d like to be able to buy a digital download of this song on iTunes, Bandcamp, or another online...

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Anji Discusses Her Album At YouTube SpaceLA

Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in interview, Love Me Leave Me, news, video | 0 comments

Anji Bee recently sat down in the studio of YouTube SpaceLA to discuss her debut album, ‘Love Me Leave Me.’ This short interview gets into the sexy album photoshoot and cover shot selection, why this is an Anji Bee album and not a Lovespirals album, plus a little bit about the album fundraising effort and limited edition CD & poster set on Bandcamp. The video features clips from several album tracks, as well. MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: “Got All I Need” “Love Me Leave Me” “Foolish” “Sleight Of Hand” “Mi Amor” “Try To Forget” “Put Some Music On” Like the music? Pick up a digital download or limited edition autographed CD (and poster) from Anji’s Bandcamp page — and remember to use discount code YOUTUBE for 10% off! Prefer iTunes? Anji’s music is over there, too:… Listen to an 1 hour feature about...

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New Lovespirals Video and Single Released

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

The first new single from Lovespirals since their 2010 album, ‘Future Past,’ is in many regards a return to form for band founder, Ryan Lum. Lum exploded onto the American dream pop scene back in 1991 as Love Spirals Downwards on the Projekt Records label, quickly establishing himself as one of the best ethereal producers and guitarists this side of the Atlantic. “Brother Against Brother” is swirling, ambient, folk-tinged dream pop replete with heavily effected ethereal guitar and female vocals by his bandmate, Anji Bee. Bee created this appropriately heavenly video filled with fluffy slo-mo clouds and the duo dressed like angels in all white using her iPhone and Final Cut Pro. Each member selfied their own performance in the video. 🙂 —————————————-­———————————— Buy the 2-song single at Brother Against Brother (Single) by Lovespirals CREDITS: Ryan Lum: composition,...

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Video for Love Me Leave Me 2013 Version

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Love Me Leave Me, news, video | 0 comments

Anji Bee and her Lovespirals partner/producer, Ryan Lum, filmed this intimate and sexy video for the title track from her brand new debut solo album, ‘Love Me Leave Me,’ in her own boudoir. She makes the vintage pinup style album art, originally shot by erotica photographer Aga Furtak, come to life! This recording is a lush new interpretation of Bee’s classic 2003 lyric – originally released with cult favorites, Bitstream Dream – which has been remixed by a host of international producers in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Pick up one of the ultra limited edition CD and poster sets — autographed by Bee — at before they run out. ‘Love Me Leave Me‘ and the ‘Love Me Leave Me Remixes‘ album are also available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, CDbaby and other digital...

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“Love Me Leave Me (Lovespirals Baeleric Chill Remix)” Lyric Video

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Love Me Leave Me, lovespirals, music, news, video | 0 comments

It’s the 10th anniversary of one of Anji Bee’s best-known songs, “Love Me Leave Me,” and she’s celebrating with a gorgeous all-new recording, co-produced by Ryan Lum of Lovespirals. This dreamy Baeleric-infused chill out mix strips down the electronica elements of the album mix and adds Lum’s trademark dream pop electric guitar, wistful acoustic guitar, and groovy congas, plus an additional soulfully ethereal backing vocal by Miss Bee. Very romantic! “Love Me Leave Me (Lovespirals Baeleric Chill Remix)” is available on the digital only ‘Love Me Leave Me Remixes‘ album on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, and Bandcamp. Use discount code YOUTUBE for 10% off at...

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