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Chillcast #469: Feel It [streaming on Mixcloud]

Posted by on Dec 20, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

So unless I end up dropping a New Year’s Eve mix, this will be the last mix of 2017. Actually, I’m not totally sure if I’ll continue to do The Chillcast next year or not. This was my 11th year of podcasting, and I’ve gotta say, it feels a bit like a haunted house around here. I used to get 10,000 listens per episode, easy, when I was with PodShow/Mevio but now… well… just scroll down to see. I still love discovering music, I still love promoting new talent, I still love mixing and finding that perfect cross fade, I’m just not sure I know where to find an audience for it anymore. Maybe it’s just the holiday blues talking here, or maybe it’s because Dave’s Lounge just threw in the towel this month, but it feels like my...

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Stream Chillcast #468: Stranger Things on Mixcloud

Posted by on Nov 3, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

I’m back on my First Friday, fam, and vibing hard. I’m bringing the fire for your weekend chill sessions, with a mix that’s all kinds of sexy! From hazy, wavy future and chill trap to poppier hip hop and future house, this one hour mix builds the heat gradually, with finesse. I’m striking a nice balance between original tracks and remixes, with a bit more official mixes than usual coz I scored some great releases from Co-Sign. There’s still some solid tracks from SoundCloud mixed in, tho, so check my playlist for what’s available for download at Hey, don’t be a stranger. Leave me a comment if you’re into it! Oh, and here’s the Soulection: Unite comp I mentioned: Tracklist: The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro Early To Dawn (feat. Selah Sue) by TOKiMONSTA Will He by Joji Velour by ESTA. Hues (ft. Sophie Kloor) by metsä...

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Stream Chillcast #467: Best Part on Mixcloud

Posted by on Oct 6, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

Get your weekend started off right with another classic first friday Chillcast mix! Vibes galore, excellent vox, with a mix of original productions and bootleg pop rnb remixes/edits. Bringing in a little more darkness with the change of the seasons but still plenty of booty shakers in the mix. Def NSFW. Enjoy! Oh, and happy birthday to Leng Hock, who opens up the show with his latest single (pure fire!) <3 Check for the free downloads in my SoundCloud playlist at: TRACKLIST: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 This Way (Prod. Gamera) by Leng Hock 3 So I’m Gone (ft. NGO & Croosh) by Ruchir 4 No Friends (Idle Kid Remix ft. Goon Des Garcons) by Chase Atlantic 5 Sakima & Slow Shudder by Do As I Say 6 Xie by LOVE 10.0 7 Starlit Haze by Cosmic Quest 8 Either Way (feat. Benjamin Aaron) by Jutes 9 2017 (Prod. by BeOk) by Uale 10 Existential by Himmel X Ellio 11 Bristle by metsa 12 Burial by Jazzpah 13 Us by Krakn X Boy...

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Chillcast #466: Boys

Posted by on Sep 1, 2017 in The Chillcast | 0 comments

Back on my First Friday mix, and just in time for Labor Day Weekend here in the states. I guess this is like the last big summer blowout for a lotta folks, but here in the LBC, I’m chillin’ most times, so… LOL. This mix of new tunes is pretty energetic as Chillcast goes, yet very wavy, with lots of amazing vocals, some sick beats, and a couple of monster tracks to close it out. Def not depressive, we’ll save that for winter time, k. Anyway, wherever in the world you are, keep it chill and I’ll hit you up next First Fri with another hour of tunes. Grab the free downloads of your faves from my playlist at Watch the 3 song live set of Chase Atlantic playing YouTube Space LA at: TRACKLISTING: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee...

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Chillcast #465: Unforgettable

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

It’s been far too long since I chilled wit u!!!! It’s been a busy summer and I’ve lazily been letting Apple Music select my new music, which has been fun. I looked up a few of my fave finds on Soundcloud to see what was available on the remix scene and was pleased to find alt versions of tracks with pretty unforgettable vocals. Even though there are a number of big vocal focused tracks in this mix, there’s also some really solid instrumentals, or near instrumentals. As always, the vibez flow from sensual and slow to highly emotive edm remix bangers, with some sexy twists and turns throughout. I hope it was worth the wait for you. Download your fave songs from the playlist version on SoundCloud at… TRACKLISTING: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 Nobody But You (feat....

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Chillcast #464: For The Summer

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

First Friday vibes in effect! I’ve got a classic Chillcast mix for ya to get your weekend started off right. I dug up some bootleg remixes of a few of my fave big artists as well as a slew of great underground talents over on SoundCloud. It’s getting tougher finding bootlegs these days, but I’ve got my ways. LOL. There’s some great vocals in this mix as well as plenty of chill beats and melodies. Enjoy! Grab all the FREE downloads over on my SoundCloud playlist:… OH, and here’s that Spotify playlist I mentioned in the outro:… TRACKLISTING: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 Milka Duno (ft. Emily Makis) by Malarkey 3 Everything by Just Because 4 Notice Me by Jutes 5 What Are You Looking For by Calfana Dreams 6 Do Re Mi (Seventh Remix) by Blackbear 7 Fall (Tyrese Remix) by Mothica 8 Stay (808Vic Remix) by Rihanna 9 For The Summer by CRW 10 Insomnia by TERO 11 Wanted (ft. e-will) by Ikon 12 Talkin’ Shit by Weaver...

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Chillcast #463: Wild Love

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

First Friday just came outta nowhere today! Guess Memorial Day shortened our week right up, didn’t it? Well, if you’re anything like me, you need to catch your breath for a minute. Today’s set is both chill and uplifting, if you can imagine that. Nowhere near as spacey as usual, but not exactly a dance set, either, I think I’ve struck that perfect “kick back” vibe to get your weekend started off right. Cruise over to my SoundCloud page for the playlist with free downloads from this set:… TRACKLISTING:   1 Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 Lights Out (feat. SamThePsychic) by 808Vic 3 Moving On And Getting Over (Cherokee Remix) by John Mayer 4 I’m Here by Himmel 5 Deal With It (feat. Sophie Myers) by Gill Chang 6 Losing You (feat. Dylan Reese) [Prod by Strike] by Uale 7 sxual by Calfana Dreams 8 Amour by TERO 9 Call You by MAYKE X LOOT 10 Run To Me by Lafa Taylor & Aabo 11 Milk &...

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Chillcast #462: Fake Love

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

Another First Friday is upon us! And I could really use some chill time. This month I checked in with Co-Sign ( who are promoting some great albums right now, so there’s a lot more album cuts this mix than bootleg remixes and underground artists from Soundcloud. I also grabbed a few cuts from Bandcamp from old friends of the show. As always, the vibes start out slow and sexy and build steam as the hour goes. Lots of great vocals this set, a nice mix of genres, and a catchy cover/remix of Drake to cap it all off. 😛 Check the SoundCloud Playlist for the free downloads and/or more info on the tracks and artists:… Hey, show me some real love in the comments, why doncha? <3 TRACKLISTING: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 Redolence by ShowMe & Virginia...

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Chillcast #461: Lost Highway

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

Get lost in the vibes of today’s chill af First Friday mix. So many good vocal tunes in this set with hooks for days. And beats? Yeah, I got ’em. This is truly a classic Chillcast Mix with everything I really love. There’s a couple of paid Bandcamp tracks in here but the bulk of this playlist is available free on Soundcloud. Check my playlist over there for the links:… Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chillcast listener, Ian Griffin! <3 TRACKLISTING: 1 The Chillcast with Anji Bee Intro 2 Emulator by Stumbleine 3 Lost Highway by Koda 4 The Truth by Hypre & Josh Rubin 5 Sex Drive (ft. P HEIR) by RIVR 6 Numb W U by Vali X Kruger X Stefan 7 Stuck Like Glue by Eugene Came 8 One Way by William Bolton 9 Run To Me (StarRo Remix) by Lafa Taylor & Aabo 10 Surreal (ft. RKCB) by Louis Futon 11 Plans (ft. Brandyn Burnette) [EMRSV X Sevim Remix] by Elephante 12 Lie by TERO 13 Time Belongs To...

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Chillcast #460: 13 Reasons Why

Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 in podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

After noticing all the retro music in Netflix production of “13 Reasons Why,” I was inspired to create a mixtape of 13 songs from my own High School experience. I’ve never really looked back fondly on this painful time of life, and it’s often been hard to hear the music which embodied this confusing era for me. But there’s no denying how beautiful and gut wrenching these songs are, several decades later. It’s been awhile since my last non-Chillcast mixtape. Let me know if you enjoyed this odd trip down memory lane, and I’ll consider doing it again with a different musical theme. And, btw, the book was better. TRACKLISTING: 1 Kamakazi by Thompson Twins 2 Ghosts by Japan 3 Un Baiser D’Enfant by Kate Bush 4 Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode 5 Jennifer by Eurythmics 6 Lost Outside the Tunnel by Aztec Camera 7 Will You by Hazel O’Connor 8 Angel by Duran Duran 9 The Walk by The Cure 10 Because You’re Young by David Bowie 11 Melt by Siouxsie...

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