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Chillcast Video #111: Sun Glitters

Chillcast Video #111: Sun Glitters

Returning to the show today is Luxembourg artist, Sun Glitters, with the official video for his dreamy song, “High.” This moody video was directed, shot and edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost, who are offering it as a free download on Vimeo. “High” is the title track to Sun Glitter’s 6-track High EP released last year by Music Is For Losers both on vinyl and in digital format. Sunglitters will be performing next week at the G! Festival on Faroe Islands, followed by 2 Portugal shows in August and the Iceland Airwaves Festival in November, so if you’re in any of those areas, be sure to check him out!

Download Chillcast Video #111: Sunglitters (m4v)

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