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Chillcast #88: Americana Dream Pop

Chillcast #88: Americana Dream Pop


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This week we explore a different kind of chillout music, focusing on American inspired dream pop, indie rock, and folk pop. Whatever you call the style, these tunes are moody, beautiful, and in some cases – pastoral. I hope you dig the slight change in vibe this show, and look forward to your comments!


  1. “Caught in the Groove” Lovespirals Long Way From Home (2007) Buy at iTunes
  2. “Past All Concerns” Barzin Barzin (2007) Download Free Mp3
  3. “Ghost In the Night” Chrisopher Blue room tones (2007) Buy at iTunes
  4. “Desert Song” Jessie Kilguss Exotic Bird (2007) Buy at iTunes
  5. “Everyday and Everynight” Starless & Bible Black Starless & Bible Black (2007) Buy at iTunes
  6. “Fader” Fancey Schmancey (2007) Buy at iTunes

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joseph says:

Hello Anji. Just finished watching you last vid cast and I’m hoping your week is better than last. Maybe it’s time to take a break and crank up Mr. Mayer and have him take your cares away. I will try to order the new Love Spirals album this week.

Take Care, Joseph (closet John Mayer fan)

Julie says:

I love this week’s show! Beautiful tracks.

I watched the most recent vidcast, and was sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad. I’ve been feeling sad, too…my Ph.D. program is very stressful and causing me to reexamine my life choices. I guess we all have to do that sometimes, right?

Hope you’re feeling better this week.

travis says:

a bit of a change of pace indeed! its good to shake things up sometimes, and luckily this is exactly what i was in the mood for today. i agree- that barzin track is absolutely amazing! it was immediately ingrained in my head…

i rather like this new direction, perhaps the chillcast could split into two directions – alternating between the electronica side and the accoustic/folk side?