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Chillcast #128: Loverush Digital Spotlight

Chillcast #128: Loverush Digital Spotlight


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This week I present a very special spotlight on Loverush Digital, the hottest new dance label to come out of the UK. Get ready for a high energy set featuring gorgeous vocals from from some of the very best female vocalists of the trance scene. All tracks come special permissions from the label except the first one from Kirsty Hawkshaw’s Podsafe Music Network account. Huge props to Mark of Loverush UK! for sharing these great releases with us!!!


  1. “Love Is No Possession (Radio Edit)” J Joy & Kirsty Hawkshaw (2007) Podsafe Music Network JJoy & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Is No Possession - Love Is No Possession (Radio Edit)
  2. “The Sweetest Sound (Loverush UK! Remix)” Nick Murray & Tiff Lacey (2008)
  3. “Different World (Kinky Roland Mix)” Loverush UK! ft Shelley Harland (2007) Loverush UK! - Different World (The Remixes) - Different World (Kinky Roland Mix)
  4. “Its A Fine Day (Kinky Roland Mix)” Kirsty Hawkshaw (2008) Kirsty Hawkshaw & Kinky Roland - Fine Day 08 (Remixes) - Fine Day 08 (Original 2008 Club Mix)
  5. “Summerfeeling (Original Mix)” Damien S ft Femke (2008)
  6. “Good To Be Alive (Healing Angel – Original Mix)” Kirsty Hawkshaw VS Arnold T (2008)

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Josh Zapin says:

I love the Trance show. Please do more of them. I think it still works with “Chill” theme. Although it’s hard not to dance, one could Chill to Trance.

Will says:

Hi Anji! LOL both bits drew me in & you’re right I was thinking Glow stick too. :p I was laughing when I read it. I added your Chillcast on my MySpace. Will 🙂

Very cool show, I’m a pretty big Trance fan and hadn’t heard of Loverush Digital before!

You seem to get all the good hookups, I’d be quite happy to see more Trance themed shows 😉

anjibee says:

hey will! so what part of her bulletin drew you in; the “borderline lesbos” bit or the “more trance than you can shake a stick at” bit? ha! and for the record, that would be a GLOW stick! 😛

Will says:

Wow! Awesome show Anji. I read Kristy’s bulletin on MySpace and checked this out.

Will 🙂