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Freedom to Share Remix Event

Freedom to Share Remix Event

Anji Bee has contributed an accapella to the big ccMixter Freedom to Share remix event going on right now. The community remix site is responding to recent attacks made by ASCAP against the Creative Commons license concept. This event seeks to “demonstrate the power of creative collaboration using Creative Commons licenses.” If you’d like to get involved, you can create your own remix using any of the Freedom to Share accapellas, including Anji Bee’s “We Are Connected” vocal. A number of completed mixes are already available for download and reuse in podcasts, vidcasts, radio, and various other non-commercial purposes. You have until August 28, 2010 to upload your remix!

Personally, I’ve been thrilled by the interactions I’ve had with musicians and other vocalists working within the CC format, and have no problem with making some of my work available under the Attribution-NonCommercial license. InĀ  2007, I contributed vocals to 2 songs on the Creative Commons free download album, Adrift, by Moosefrog and in 2008, I contributed vocals to 2 songs on the massive CC Asia Band project, CABACA. I have since made several other vocals and spoken words available on ccMixter.

(graphic by DoctorMo)