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Chillcast #295: Hot & Cold

Chillcast #295: Hot & Cold

This week I’ve got a classic Chillcast mix for you with a variety of musical styles running from laid back chillout to high energy trance, and once again, it is holiday music free. OK, there’s one mention of “snow” in Ernesto’s lovely ballad, but that hardly counts. Get ready, though, because next week I’m unleashing my 2011  Holiday Mix — a day early, no less. There 4 free downloads this week, which you’ll find in the shownotes below. Enjoy!

Download Chillcast #295: Hot & Cold (mp3)


  1. Wasis Diop “Let It Go” Buy on iTunes | Get the Diamonds & Pearls Lounge 5 CD bundle €60,00
  2. Ernesto “Peace Of Mind (Original)” Buy on iTunes
  3. Annie Barker “Coat Off” Buy on iTunes
  4. Lovespirals “Walk Away (Suit & Tie Guy Remix)” Buy on Bandcamp
  5. Karmacoda “Repair + Beauty” Buy on iTunes
  6. Little Dragon “Crystalfilm (Close Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  7. Blu Mar Ten “Believe Me (Nixus Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  8. Olivia Broadfield “Happening” Buy ‘This Beautiful War’ on iTunes
  9. Moby “The Right Thing (Kleerup Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. Wired Ant “Steppin’ to Sukhavagga (feat. Anji Bee)” Download Free Mp3
  11. Coury Palermo “The War (Black & Blue Remix Edit)” Buy the Deluxe Edition on E-Junkie
  12. Omar Cito Perez “Kingdom of Soul (Avatar One Remix)” Buy on iTunes

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Kara McGraw says:

This episode is really hitting the spot right now.

Happy holidays, Anji!


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