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Chillcast #317: Summertime House

Chillcast #317: Summertime House

Its been awhile since I dropped an extended DJ set on you, I know. With all of this sultry southern california summer weather this week, I was inspired to delve into all of the great house tunes that have been coming in recently. Primarily vocal and deep house, this 90 min mix is soulful and sensual, perfect for after-hours enjoyment. Oh, hey, I just updated the show logo today with a new portrait taken by Aga Furtok. Let me know what you think of the new look!

Download Chillcast #317: Summertime House (mp3)


  1. Eternal City feat. Melanie Gerren “Ego Spanking (Santo Mix)” Buy Ego Spanking (Single) on iTunes
  2. Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia “She Is (Soulpersona “Stars In Her Eyes” Remix)” Buy She Is Remixes on iTunes
  3. Nathan X “Found Love (Lele X’s Deeper Mix)” Buy Found Love (Remixes) – EP on iTunes
  4. Terry Grant feat. Carrie Manning “Tigerskin (Original Mix)” Buy Tigerskin on Traxsource
  5. Armchair Generals “Let It Go (Davidance Remix)” Buy Let It Go on iTunes
  6. Nyree & the Auto Charm “Ballerina (The Auto Charm “Fantasy” Mix)” Buy Ballerina – Single on iTunes
  7. Sébastien Tellier “Cochon Ville (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix)” Buy Cochon Ville (Remixes) – EP on iTunes
  8. Fleetside feat. Carolyn Harding “Movin’ On 2012 (Marco Finotello Remix)” Buy Movin’ On 2012 (Remixes) on iTunes
  9. Little Boots “Headphones (Moon Boots Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. Leo Tone “Reach Out (Original Mix)” Buy Reach Out (Remixes) on iTunes
  11. HT Zero feat. Stephanie Cooke “I Used To [No More] (Alvaro Ernesto Remix)” due out soon!
  12. Cathy Battistessa “Une Nouvelle Humanite (The Rurals Remix)” Buy Une Nouvelle Humanite – Single on iTunes
  13. Asymetric Soul feat. Meital De Razon “If I Change (DJ MFR “Summer of Joy” Remix)”
  14. Heavyfeet “I Will” Buy Plant Music – Love Me [Various Artists] on iTunes

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Jan in Scottsbluff ~ says:

Well, now it is working. Prolly a momentary glitch on my end ~ 😉 Thanks, Anji! I’ll take a listen now ~

anjibee says:

that’s weird jan, i just checked both links above and they both worked fine. maybe it was just a momentary glitch?

Jan in Scottsbluff ~ says:

Hi Anji ~ When I went to play this Chillcast it says “File not found” ~ Just thought you should know.

I’ll come back later and check it out. 🙂

Nicole says:

Lovin’ the new pic Anji!!