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Chillcast #320: Beats + Vox

Chillcast #320: Beats + Vox

There’s been so much great new music coming out this summer that its getting tougher and tougher to select just an hour’s worth of tunes for the show! Today’s Chillcast is a bit more on the upbeat side with some slightly more atmospheric tunes to start off, and then building up to a sweet set of deep house. As usual, there’s plenty of great vocals, both sampled and original. 9 out of 11 songs are legal free downloads today, so be sure to grab those from the links included in the show notes below.

Download Chillcast #320: Beats + Vox (mp3)


  1. Koda “Blockbuster Youth” Download Free Mp3
  2. Owsey “We Are Your Friend” Download Free Mp3 (34 songs!) | Buy We Are Your Friends EP on Bandcamp
  3. Ollie MacFarlane “True” Download Free Mp3
  4. Saint Saviour “Reasons (Maribou State Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  5. Shortcircles “Searching For A Reason (Glenn Jackson Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  6. Chris Malinchak “These Dreams (feat. Damon C. Scott)” Download Free Mp3
  7. Toddla T “Alive (feat. Shola Ama) [Sticky Remix] Buy Alive (Remixes) from iTunes
  8. Isaac Tichauer “Doing What I Got” Download Free Mp3
  9. Moon Boots “Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. Gimmix & Julei “Ciera” Download Free Mp3
  11. Bicep & Ejecta “You (Steffi Remix)” Buy on Beatport (Exclusive)

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John Mc says:

Wow – just listened to #320 – an EXCELLENT podcast this week! Loved every song. Thanks Angie!!

WingedKuriboh says:

Sorry, but I need to point out a technicality.

The links that you’ve supplied for the “We Are Your Friend” song by Owsey both point to Koda’s soundcloud page. Could you fix the links?



anjibee says:

whoops! thanks for the heads up. just fixed it. 🙂