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Chillcast #321: Laid Back + Summery

Chillcast #321: Laid Back + Summery

Today I’m introducing many new artists to the show, which is always exciting. I’ve got a couple remixes from some big label artists in the mix, though most of these artists are fairly underground. The vibe of today’s set is laid back, spacey, and summery with a blend of lovestep, nu disco, chill house, and ambient tinged pop. All 13 songs in this playlist are free legal downloads so be sure to check out those links below.

Download Chillcast #321: Laid Back + Summery (mp3)


  1. OwseyStumbleineShura “You Came Out Of Nowhere” Download Free Mp3
  2. Sorrow & Shura ‘Thinking Of You” Download Free Mp3
  3. Sun Glitters “Alone [feat. Sleep Party People] (Tours Edit) Download Free Mp3
  4. Karma Kid “Lust Love” Download Free Mp3
  5. Southern Shores “New Love” Download Free Mp3
  6. Submotion Orchestra “Blindspot (Maribou State Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  7. Mathias Stubø “Back Into My Life” Download Free Mp3 (full compilation)
  8. Shortcircles “Find You (feat. Tiana Vallan)” Download Free Mp3 (full EP)
  9. Koda “Blockbuster Youth (OMN Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. Alison Valentine “Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  11. Lana Del Rey “Video Games (Class Act Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  12. Ellie Goulding “High For This” Download Free Mp3
  13. Usher “Climax (Koda Remix)” Download Free Mp3

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calij says:

Nice relaxing show! You ought to do the yearly subscription service for weekly shows. Just an idea. 🙂 Listened for years. Every show is great. Miss the weekly shows.