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Chillcast #323: Last Days

Chillcast #323: Last Days

With the change of the season comes a slight change in mood here on The Chillcast. Autumn seems to be a more reflective time, often tinged with melancholy, as we say good bye to the exuberant extended days of summer and prepare ourselves for the shorter, darker days to follow. As such, today’s show begins with a set of beautifully bittersweet ambient-edged tracks foreshadowing the coming cold, while the second half reflects on the more sunny, upbeat summer days we just enjoyed. 8 of 12 tracks in today’s playlist are free downloads, so be sure to grab your faves using the links below. (PS Sorry I keep mispronouncing your name Owsey – bad habit!)

Download Chillcast #323: Last Days (mp3)


  1. Koda “The Last Days of Summer” Buy on Bandcamp
  2. How To Dress Well “Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)” Stream on Soundcloud
  3. Stumbleine “Capulet” Download Free Mp3
  4. Swarms “Low Sun [feat. Shirka] (Stumbleine Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  5. Sorrow “My Love” Buy on Bandcamp
  6. Owsey “We Are Your Friend (Asa Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  7. Jessie Ware “Sweet Talk (Saux Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  8. Satin Jackets VS Aaliyah “Rock the Boat” Download Free Mp3
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe (LOL Boys Edit)” out soon
  10. Moon Boots “Got Somebody” Download Free Mp3
  11. Le Youth “Cool” Download Free Mp3
  12. Chromeo “When The Night Falls (Mackintosh Braun Remix)” Download Free Mp3

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