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Chillcast #333: Glitchy Chill

Chillcast #333: Glitchy Chill

Now that my Christmas, New Years, and Best of 2012 shows are all past, its time to get back into discovering great new tunes again! 2013 is just getting started but I’ve already got 3 brand new tracks, plus a slew of great stuff I didn’t have time to share from November and December.  Today’s hour long set is glitchy yet chilled, with a mix of sampled and full vocals, and includes 11 legal free downloads, including 2 free Eps. Get all the links below. Enjoy!


Download Chillcast #333: Glitchy Chill (mp3)


  1. Tymotex “After The Rain” Download Free Mp3
  2. SMΛЦG “Just Wanna Feel Something” Download Free Mp3
  3. JacM “Just” Download Free Mp3
  4. Asa & Stumbleine “Glow (ViLLΛGE Remix) Download Free Mp3
  5. Roses Gabor “Stars” Buy on Ninjatune
  6. Myth Syzer “No Worry (Guitar by Dream Koala)” Download Free Mp3 | Download Hyt EP free
  7. Shlohmo “Wen Uuu” Buy on iTunes
  8. Sweater Beats “I Got U” Download Free Mp3
  9. Robots Don’t Sleep “So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. The Weeknd “Twenty Eight  (Ianborg & Bronze Whale Bootleg)” Download Free Mp3
  11. Submotion Orchestra “Thinking” Buy on iTunes
  12. Mr FijiWiji “Submerged (feat. CoMa)” Download Free Mp3 | Download Walking Televisions EP free
  13. Owsey & Resotone “You’re Lost, You’re Alone” Download Free Mp3
  14. Koda “Alice”  Download Free Mp3

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