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Chillcast #366: Make A Move

Chillcast #366: Make A Move

I reviewed a buncha new releases this week and found a lot of great songs I wanna share with you. It was SO hard to whittle down the playlist to just an hour. I ended up with a pretty interesting genre mix you won’t hear anywhere else. The subtitle of the show today refers to the fact that I’ve got 2 versions of the Cassie classic, “Me & U,” sandwiching all of this chillstep, chilltrap, chillhouse goodness. Both of them are free downloads, as are 4 other songs. Get the links below!

Download Chillcast #366: Make A Move (320 mp3)


  1. Le Youth “COOL (R&B Edit)” Download Free Mp3
  2. Lindsay Lowend “Bar Harbor” Download Free Mp3
  3. Shortcircles “Smiles” Pre-order ‘Between Waves‘ on iTunes
  4. Sorrow “Embrace” Buy ‘Dreamstone‘ on Bandcamp
  5. Raw Frequency “Delerium (feat. Victoria Taylor)” Download Free Mp3 / Download Free Album
  6. Tricky “We Don’t Die” Buy False Idols LP on iTunes
  7. Artful feat. Kal Lavelle “Could Just Be The Bassline (Mr Blonde Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  8. Dabin “Mirrormask (feat. Koda & CoMa)” Buy on Beatport
  9. CLOSE “Beam Me Up (feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba)”
  10. Different Marks “You Help Me (feat. Nnaji)” Download Free Mp3 / Download Free Album
  11. Jimpster “Brought To Bare (feat. Jonatan Backalie)” Buy on iTunes
  12. Elle Stinovo “Press Play (feat. Jaidene Veda & Rise Ashen)” Buy on Traxsource
  13. Sweater Beats “Make A Move” Download Free Mp3 (2 song EP)

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