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Chillcast Video #123: Lovespirals [Final Episode]

Chillcast Video #123: Lovespirals [Final Episode]

Yes, it’s sad but true. Chillcast Video has come to an end. Begun in January 2008, the show has enjoyed 16 and a half million views. Its been a good run, but its time to move on. Though both Chillcast Video and The Chillcast with Anji Bee podcast have been dropped from the BiteSizeTV lineup,  tentative plans are already in place to relaunch the show with a  new network. Stay tuned for details via or directly through You can find more videos from Anji at or if you’d like to see a whole other side of Anji, check out her healthy lifestyle channel with Lovespirals partner, Ryan Lum, at  I thought I’d say goodbye with a video for the Lovespirals rendition of my song “Happy Holidays,” available on the Projekt Records compilation, Ornamental. Thanks for watching!

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