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Chillcast #387: Waiting For Summer

Chillcast #387: Waiting For Summer

Its a little early in the year for new releases, so the first show of 2014 is filled with great releases left over from 20143 — some quite recently released. This mix is largely instrumental with a smattering of vocals, many of them bootleg sampled from pop songs.The show flows from super laid back chill trap to slightly more aggressive melodic dubstep with some upbeat funkiness thrown in for good measure. There’s a treasure trove of 12 free downloads in the link below, so be sure to grab your faves!

Download Chillcast #387: Waiting For Summer (aac)


  1. Dpat “Over” Download free mp3
  2. Myth Syzer “Radar” Download free mp3
  3. Xed “Shai’s Anthem” Download free mp3
  4. Drake X Jay Z “Pound Cake (Ivan Subsky Remix)” Download free mp3
  5. Chloe Martini “Craving” Download free mp3
  6. Kasim Keto “Long Way” sorry not available for free anymore
  7. Kindred “Waiting For Summer” Download free mp3
  8. Justin Bieber “PYD (Idle Mind Remix)” Download free mp3
  9. esta. “Moet (ft. JBird” Download free mp3
  10. Amerie “Gotta Work (Phazz Remix)” Download free mp3
  11. Disclosure “Latch (Manic Focus Remix”) Download free mp3
  12. Hellberg & Teqq ft. Taylr Renee “Air Mr FijiWiji Remix)” Download free mp3
  13. PolyEmory “HydraFauna (Owsey Remix)” Download free mp3

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