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Chillcast #447: Intoxicated

Chillcast #447: Intoxicated

By request, I’ve lightened up the mood a bit this week, with an emphasis on lovely female vocals and a sweet array of future beats and bass. Lots of new artists featured this week, and most of these I download today from SoundCloud, so lots of new releases! I’d love to hear from you in the comments section; what did you think about the mix? Which side of The Chillcast do you prefer; the chillier first half or the more upbeat second half? Or are you down with all of it? ¬†Download original songs from my playlist at…

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  1. Say My Name (Betical Remix) by Odesza
  2. Complexion (feat. Dizzy Fae) by Su Na
  3. Baile Janet (Lonely Flip) by Jabair
  4. Here We Go Again (feat. Maia) by Chiefs
  5. Bloodshot (SRNO Remix) by Lexy Panterra
  6. IntoxicatedbyLussx & Deverano
  7. Afterlife (feat. August Grant) by Sad Money
  8. Waifu by Wtn3
  9. Are You In (feat. Adriana Lucia) by Fancy Folks
  10. Inside Out (ARMNHMR Remix) by The Chainsmokers
  11. Baby Avo by Dugong Jr.
  12. Reclaimer by Giant Spirit
  13. L A T C H by WTN3
  14. Without U (feat. Anuka) by BARENHVRD
  15. What A Day (Ken Waters Remix) by B4CH