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Chillcast #85: MoShang CD Contest!

Chillcast #85: MoShang CD Contest!


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Back from New Media Expo and enjoying the laptop stand I won with the ShowGirls awards. 😀 Got a superchill set for ya with several new bands to the Chillcast and another great CD contest!


  1. “Between Nowhere & Here” LeisureCo The Pan Am Connection (2007) Buy at iTunes
  2. “The Wicked Thoughts of You (MoShang Asian Space Mix)” Big Red Devil Asian Variations (2007) Free Download from OnsePlate
  3. “Return of the Dragons” Galaxy 2 Galaxy Galaxy 2 Galaxy: A High Tech Jazz Compilation (2007) Buy at iTunes
  4. “Personality (Original Radio Version)” Kareem´s Musicshop Personality 12″ Single (2007) Buy at Rhapsody
  5. “In My Soul” Mysteria Spiritual Chillout (2007) Buy at iTunes
  6. “Sugar Daddy” Di Johnston Reimagined (2007) Buy at iTunes

Asian Variations
MoShang Asian Variations: Various Artists Remixed CD Contest:

Visit the MoShang CD Contest Entry Page for your chance to win! Two listeners will be chosen at random by me to win a copy of this limited edition CD care of OnsePlate and The Chillcast. Good luck!

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Fave says:

I like the Moshang CD promotion…and yes, I entered 😛 I love how the chillcast can make any day of the week seem like a lazy weekend evening!

Yes, Mysteria’s track was very much like Moby, so much in fact that I thought you’d landed yet another well-known artist on the show. Nice stuff.

I’m a bit excited about that MoShang CD. Cool alternative cover.