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Anji Guests on SolipsisticNATION

Anji Guests on SolipsisticNATION

Bazooka Joe, host of the excellent solipsisticNATION podcast, invited me to participate once again in an “exquisite corspe” mix. The basic gist is that 9 electronic music podcasters – including Joe – each selected one song, based solely upon hearing the track that was selected right before them. Joe took all the tracks and edited them together, choosing to keep the podcaster comments until after all the music had been played. You can check out the fascinating results on today’s show!

Download solipsisticNATION 158: Exquisite Corpse III (mp3)


  1. Think Tank “A Knife & A Fork” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Selected by Bazooka Joe, solipsistic NATION
  2. Dynastic “Kabouter (Remix)”
    Selected by Gareth Noyce, RK2
  3. Dan Berkson, James What “Mescaline Circus (Original Mix)”
    Selected by Ryan Scott
  4. Voide “Space Sponge”
    Selected by Snowy, Electronicast
  5. Aleksi Virta “Princess Melodiae” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Selected by Pete Cooper, Bleepshow
  6. Zeropage “Void Sensor”
    Selected by Michael, Electronica Monthly
  7. Slepcy “With Charles Bukowski On The Ride”
    Selected by Spartacus Roosevelt
  8. Dementio13 “Your Link Does Not Work”
    Selected by Pixieguts, PixieCast
  9. Beckett & Taylor “Smash”
    Selected by Anji Bee, The Chillcast