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Chillcast #224: Chill Favorites

Chillcast #224: Chill Favorites

This week’s one hour show is chock full of Chillcast favorites! From big names to lesser-known artists, to brand new discoveries, I am super excited to bring you this excellent mix of new tunes. I’m also excited to finally play some of the new Lovespirals Love EP music for you. Wee! Oh, and free downloads? I’ve got a bunch of ’em for ya! Hey, if you love the show, please let me — and all your friends — know over at or!

Download Chillcast #224: Chill Favorites (mp3)


  1. “Here All Along (ft. Ava Fain)” Bryan Ford Organica Lounge (2010) Buy on iTunes
  2. “Mano y Mano (ft. Matthew Szemela)” 7 Day Visa Buenos Aires (2010) Buy on iTunes
  3. “Love (Soul Whirling Somewhere Mix)” Lovespirals Love EP (2010) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Mp3
  4. “Storm” The Atomica Project Six Years/Original Version (2010) Download Free Mp3
  5. “Gift” Mr. Meeble Single (2010) Download Free Mp3
  6. “Liar (Elle-Bodé Mix)” Jaidene Veda Pisces Pendulum (2010) Buy on Bandcamp
  7. “Even Though (Surfing Leons Afternoon Remix)” Morcheeba Single (2010) Download Free Mp3
  8. “Et La Fleur” La Fleur Flowerhead EP (2010) Buy on Juno
  9. “Futures (Carl Craig Remix)” Zero 7 (with José González) Record – Bonus Disc (2010) Download Free Mp3
  10. “Why Does The Wind? (Morgan Geist Remix)” Tracey Thorn Why Does The Wind? (2010) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Mp3

Cheri, Heather & Anji @ Harlot
Cheri Chuang and Heather Pierce of Karmacoda with Anji Bee at Harlot

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Hey thanks Anji and Macedonia for the love on the Organica Lounge compilation. We are all very excited to learn that people dig the tunes as much as we do. We also love AheadPR. They put us in touch with you guys. Cheers on the show Anji! I just booked a show for Bryan Ford & Goulet and Elev8tor in SF Sept. 16th. We are working on more shows that weekend. They will be playing here in Chicago August 14th. for details.

I’ve got to comment on Morcheeba. Skye Edwards _is_, effectively, Morcheeba. I don’t know why she was fired in 2003. That was a bad and non-understandable move. Daisy Martey is given a bad rap, but you know, “The Antidote” was a killer album despite the iconic Skye’s absence. Daisy valiantly fought on and I think she did a fantastic job as vocalist. The result is one of my favourite Morcheeba albums (“Big Calm” of course transcending almost anything).

It’s great that Skye’s back. I hope it’s permanent.

A pleasant surprise with The Atomic Project freebie. Lovely stuff!

7 Day Visa says:

Thanks Macedonia! Glad you’re enjoying the remix. It makes it a lot easier when working with a super talented vocalist. 🙂

7 Day Visa

anjibee says:

yeah, i am loving ahead pr. i hardly go to promonet anymore. seems like they don’t get much new in the genres i care about, unlike ahead.

hey, feel free to play the 7 day visa mix on your show anytime! i’m also on a track on his new album coming out tuesday. i’ll be sure to send that to ya, as well!

love ya, baby. keep on keepin’ on!

macedonia says:

It’s ridiculous how good the Jaidene Veda album is. Always good when producers remind you of the power of deep house…and hers is ocean floor deep. Really feeling that Organica Lounge compilation as well.

I don’t know what made Ahead PR reach out to me to play their client roster, but I am SO glad they did. I can see myself doing an entire show from selections pulled from their artist roster alone. Jaidene, BadboE, Organica Lounge…seriously top-notch material over there.

And as for the Love EP, I think my favorite is the Dubstep Remix from 7 Day Visa. I keep coming back to that one…