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Chillcast #328: Rainy Daze

Chillcast #328: Rainy Daze

Well I don’t know what its like where you live, but out here in Los Angeles its been raining for days. We Southern Californians are spoiled rotten by the sun, thus a string of grey days tends to send us into a funk. So if today’s show seems a little more melancholy than usual, you’ll know why. There are some truly beautiful tunes in today’s one hour set, and all but 1 song is free to download. Enjoy!

Download Chillcast #328: Rainy Daze (m4v) FREE


  1. Exist Strategy “Introvert (feat. Jess Abran) [2nd Edit] Download Lost Manifest from Bandcamp (pay what you want)
  2. Owsey, Stumbleine & Resotone “You’re The Shade Of My Heart” Download Free Mp3
  3. Stumbleine “Honey Comb” Download Free Mp3
  4. Sorrow “Art Is Dead” Buy Art Is Dead EP on Bandcamp
  5. XXYYXX “DMT” Download Free Mp3
  6. Asa “Sweeter Things (Eleven8 Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  7. Mr FijiWiji “Apathy (feat. CoMa)” Download Free Mp3 | Download Walking Televisions EP Free
  8. Koda “Machines” Download Free Mp3
  9. Giselle “Silk (Ianborg Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. Monokle “Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  11. Disclosure “Control (feat. Ria Ritchie) [Kastle Remix] Download Free Mp3
  12. Tinashe “Slow” Download Reverie Free Album
  13. The Weeknd “Enemy” Download Free Mp3

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anjibee says:

Heya Paul!

So after you click the “Download Free Mp3” link, you’ll be on the SoundCloud page of that song. Underneath the giant grey waveform of the song, you’ll see some little buttons, the first of which is a heart symbol. Keep looking to the right until you see a little downward facing arrow and CLICK THAT. I just double checked it, and it is definitely working. Firefox opened up a pop up window and started downloading it automatically. Hopefully you will have the same result. 🙂

paul rice says:

Just discovered these chillcasts – wonderful – but being technically a few centuries out of touch I can’t manage the free downloads. Just clicked on download of track 2 and was directed to soundcloud which had a link to Owsey’s downloads – where he wanted £5 – any help as to what I am doing wrong would be good. Thanks