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Chillcast #331: Chill New Year

Chillcast #331: Chill New Year

Rather than taking the week off, I decided to help you ring in the new year with style. This set began as a personal mix of some of my fave Chillcast tunes to play for dinner guests, including some songs that have never appeared on the show before. Soulful and jazzy with a decidedly organic sound, this hour long mixtape is perfect for post-NYE chillout or makeout sessions. Oh, and enjoy the 3 full album downloads included in the links below!

Download Chillcast #331: Chill New Year (mp3)


  1. Bryan Ford “Here All Along (ft. Ava Fain)” Organica Lounge (2010) Buy on iTunes
  2. Bonobo “The Keeper (ft. Andreya Triana )” The Keeper EP (2010)Buy on iTunes
  3. Allie Moss “Way With Words” Other Songs and Dances Vol. 1 (2006) Buy on iTunes
  4. Gotta “Story I (Living Together – feat. Lene Riebau)” The Heart Volume 2 Buy on iTunes
  5. Kim Mantz “The Very Thought Of You” Margin London 7th Edition (2005) Download Free Mp3 (full album)
  6. Dharma One VS Jukka Eskola “The Waves” Practice Avoiding Mistakes (2003) Download Free Mp3 (full album)
  7. Anthony Valadez “Asleep (feat. Anna Wise)” Just Visiting (2012) Buy on iTunes
  8. Adrian Younge “Midnight Blue” Something About April (2012) Buy on iTunes
  9. Lovespirals “Rain” Future Past (2010) Buy on iTunes
  10. Mayer Hawthorne “You’ve Got The Makings Of A Lover” Impressions – The Covers EP (2011) Download Free Mp3 (full album)
  11. Jaidene Veda & Pete Mo “Imagined (Unplugged)” Pisces Pendulum (2011) Buy on Bandcamp
  12. Melou “I Grow My Flowers For You” Communication (2007) Buy on iTunes
  13. Kendra Morris “Just One More” Banshee (2012) Buy on iTunes
  14. Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro “I’d Cry” Look Around The Corner (2012) Buy on iTunes

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Dominacus says:

Just caught this episode. You tore this one up, Anji Bee. The radio doesn’t deserve you or your ear!