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Chillcast #332: 2012 Faves

Chillcast #332: 2012 Faves

The first episode of The Chillcast for 2013 looks back at some of my favorite songs from 2012. Helping to whittle my choices down to just 20, I decided to to focus in on songs which are free to download legally. I even double checked them all to be sure that they are still free downloads this year. Even more exciting is that 5 of these tracks come from full EPs or albums that are free legal downloads. I’m pretty stoked on this 90 minute mix and hope you will be too. Happy New Year!

Download Chillcast #332: 2013 Faves (mp3)


  1. Saint Saviour “Midnight City (M83 Cover)” Download Free Mp3
  2. Faws “Hummingbird” Download Free Mp3 (full EP)
  3. Shortcircles “Searching For A Reason” Download Free Mp3 (full album)
  4. French Kiwi Juice “Lying Together” Download Free Mp3
  5. Ellie Goulding “High For This” Download Free Mp3
  6. OwseyStumbleine & Resotone “You’re The Shade Of My Heart” Download Free Mp3
  7. XXYYXX “DMT” Download Free Mp3 | Download Free Mp3
  8. Anna Love “NGAT” Download Free Mp3
  9. Tinashe “Slow” Download Reverie Free Album
  10. Active Child ”Hanging On (GRVRBBRS Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  11. Existance “Miles Apart (Concepts)” Download Free Mp3 (full EP)
  12. Sorrow feat. CoMa & Shura “Your Lips Your Soul (Always)” Download Free Mp3
  13. Erika Spring “Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  14. Koda “Blockbuster Youth” Download Free Mp3
  15. Stumbleine “More Than Words (Asa Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  16. DFRNT “Too Long To Wait” Download Free Mp3 (full EP)
  17. Lana Del Rey ”Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  18. Cassie “Me & U (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg)” Download Free Mp3
  19. Usher “Climax (Shapes and Colours Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  20. Basement Jaxx “Romeo (Acoustic Version) [LOL Boys Edit]” Download the Edits album FREE

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WingedKuriboh says:

Hmm… found the Blue Jeans remix by RAC under the Blue Jeans (Remixes) EP. It should be listed under Lana Del Rey’s artist page (if the Aussie Itunes catalogue in any way resembles that of America’s Itunes catalogue).

Fortunately it can be bought as a single… unfortunately for Aussies such as myself, it’s $2.19 AUD :/ ($1.29 USD). On the flipside however, the entire album is $6.99 AUD ($6 USD)>.>.

I still can’t fathom the idiosyncrasies of Australian prices (and Itunes prices in that respect) with regards to many products.



anjibee says:

Gee Whiz! I guess Interscope REALLY wants to get their money, don’t they?

Alan Porter says:

Super rats… looks like you can’t buy the single by itself, you can only get it as part of the “Chapter One” album for $9.99.

Super track, I hope the rest of the album is on that same level.

anjibee says:

Rats! The link has been removed. Looks like Interscope want folks to buy it now:

Ian Grifin says:


I just want to thank you for your amazing work over the years with your Podcast. I have listened to every single podcast of yours. #332 is one of my favorites so far. Also a huge fan of #253 and #254.

Your podcasts make my work days so much more enjoyable.