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Gone (F9 Mix) by Anji Bee Free on Internet Archive

Gone (F9 Mix) by Anji Bee Free on Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is now hosting the year 2000 classic Fishtank No. 9 mix of “Gone” by Anji Bee. Never commercially released, this song has been unavailable anywhere for over a decade. Now you can stream or download it in multiple audio formats for free! The entry includes retro artwork with a photo from their era, often seen in Bitstream Dream publicity.

Anji’s liner notes:

My first online music collaboration was a song called “Gone.” I had recorded what I thought were just scratch vocals for a demo using my computer mic in Peak on an iMac. I was listening to an instrumental mp3 via headphones on an eMachine — with just one earpiece on, so I could still hear myself sing. Then I copied the sound files to a Zip disc, transferred them onto the eMachine, and arranged them in Acid over the instrumental file. I included a few vocal recordings made the year prior on another computer, as well. It was very difficult to get the files all synced up correctly and was super time consuming. After I’d done the best I could, I added some basic digital effects and made a bounce that I was “90% happy with,” as my journal states. Anyway, all my work must’ve paid off as the online producer I sent my demo to not only immediately posted it to his page, he also arranged to have a remix done by another online producer, known as Fishtank No. 9. I really loved how his mix turned out and still enjoy listening to it today, despite the fact that I ended up recording a much more professional version of these lyrics with my band, Lovespirals, a few years later. There are some cool ideas in this early version that didn’t make it to the Lovespirals version. I hope you get a kick out of it. BTW, War-n Harrison of Fishtank No. 9 soon went on to found the indie duo, Hungry Lucy, and we became longtime online friends.

Stream the song below

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