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Chillcast Special Feature: Hungry Lucy

Chillcast Special Feature: Hungry Lucy

The first Chillcast Special Feature! Your hostess, Anji Bee, interviews musician/producer, War-n Harrison, and lyricist/vocalist, Christa Belle, of Podsafe Music Network band, Hungry Lucy, as she previews music from their 3 self-released CDs. Originally recorded in 2005 for Anji’s Live 365 radio station, Chillcuts Radio.


Download The Chillcast Hungry Lucy Feature (mp3)


  1. “Rainfall” To Kill A King (2004)
  2. “Journey” Apparitions (2000)
  3. “Bound in Blood (Insomnia Mix)” Apparitions (2000)
  4. “Could It Be?” Glo (2003)
  5. “Alfred” Apparitions (2000)
  6. “Blue Dress” Apparitions (2000)
  7. “Softly” To Kill A King (2004)
  8. “Telltale Shot” Glo (2003)
  9. “High Price of Mistakes” To Kill A King (2004)

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