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Echoes Radio Interviews Falling You + Anji Bee

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017 in artist feature, interview, news, podcast | 0 comments

Falling You bandleader, John Zorko, joined Anji Bee in her home studio, along with fellow guest vocalist, Danielle Colbeck, to record an interview with John Diliberto for the nationally syndicated radio show, Echoes. This short artist feature focused on the new album, ‘Shine,’ which has been getting a lot of airplay on the show recently. Though the feature already aired live on the radio, you can now listen to the Echoes Podcast version of the Falling You Feature on iTunes Anji, Danielle, and John in the Chillcuts studio, recording their interview...

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Chillcast Artist Feature: Ernesto

Posted by on May 11, 2012 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

It is with great pleasure that I present a very special 1-hour interview feature on Swedish singer/songwriter/producer, Ernesto! He just released his 4th full-length album, Suffice Suffice, and I’m excited to share songs from this highly personal artistic effort with you. As a huge fan of his work, it was a joy to speak with him about his musical background, songwriting and recording history, personal beliefs, and the process of putting this album together. Jonatan is quite intelligent and well spoken, as well as an incredibly talented songwriter and soulful singer, so you are in for a treat! [audio:] Download Chillcast Artist Feature: Ernesto (mp3) Playlist: My Soul – Buy Suffice Suffice by Ernesto on iTunes (I Can’t Live Without) God – Buy Album by Ernesto on Amazon Sugar Rush (Album Rework feat. Typesun) – Buy Suffice Suffice by...

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Chillcast Feature on Paul Mac Innes

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

Singer/songwriter, Paul Mac Innes, is the focus of this week’s special Chillcast artist feature. Paul and I chat about all of his various musical projects and collaborations as we peruse his catalog of tunes from 2005 to the present day. As an extra special treat, Paul shares a brand new unreleased Psaul project track with us. Paul and his projects, Favorite Flava and Psaul, are all very generous with their music, so be sure to check out the legal free downloads linked to in the show notes. And if you dig those tunes, be sure to purchase more music to support the artists. [audio:] Download Chillcast Feature on Paul Mac Innes (mp3) Playlist: Favorite Flava “Everyday Escape” Buy on iTunes Erik L “Play It Loud” Buy on iTunes Stray “Holding On” Buy on iTunes Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I....

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Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 1 comment

This week I present my second artist feature with San Francisco band, Karmacoda. This time around we actually met up in Chillcast studio to chat live and in-person about their 4th album, Eternal, released last month. We had a really great time, which I think you’ll be able to hear in our conversation. Since we already got into the band’s history and past releases in my 2007 Chillcast Karmacoda artist feature, this time we focused solely on their new material. I close out the show with the premier of their brand new live acoustic recording of “Feel The Weight” — watch for the video on the next Chillcast Video! [audio:] Download Chillcast Karmacoda Interview Feature (mp3) Playlist: “If You Give It To Me (Our Summer Of Love)” Eternal on iTunes “Love Will Turn Your Head Around (feat. Beth Hirsch...

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Chillcast Lovespirals Feature

Posted by on Jan 29, 2010 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 1 comment

This week I present a special one-hour interview feature on my band, Lovespirals. My partner, Ryan Lum, and I sit down to discuss our brand new 4th album, Future Past, and give an overview of the band’s decade-long history. We’ll be sharing every song on the album as we chat about our writing and recording process including our musical influences, album concepts, and the various stories surrounding our songs and albums. [audio:] Download Chillcast Lovespirals Feature (mp3) Playlist: “Shine” Future Past (2010) “Home” Future Past (2010) “This Truth” Long Way From Home (2002) “Oh So Long” Windblown Kiss (2005) “Hand in Hand” Free & Easy (2007) “Love” Future Past (2010) “Water Under the Bridge” Future Past (2010) “Meanwhile, Irreplaceable Time Flees” Future Past (2010) “Insignificant” Future Past (2010) “Feel So Good” Future Past (2010) “Rain” Future Past (2010) “One...

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Grooveblaster Feature on Chillcast #139

Posted by on Nov 23, 2008 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 2 comments

As promised, this week I present a special artist feature on loopmaster extraordinaire, The Grooveblaster. Gerry and I spoke via phone about his long musical history and the process of creating his new album, Cities, Streets & Bebop Nights. He shares lots of really interesting stories, and coupled with the tunes, I think this feature will give you a nice portrait of the man behind the music. Warning: I do a say a few naughty words and play a few non-podsafe songs… [audio:] Download Chillcast Feature on The Grooveblaster MP3 Playlist: “Angie Dickison” The Grooveblaster Cities, Streets & Bebop Nights (2008) “Take a Hard Ride” The Grooveblaster Cities, Streets & Bebop Nights (2008) “In 1977 (When Josie Comes Home)” The Grooveblaster single (2005) “Quicksand (The Grooveblaster Mix) Dot Alison single (2006) “Daphne, Girl Detective” The Grooveblaster Cities, Streets &...

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Chillcast Feature on The Grooveblaster

Posted by on Nov 21, 2008 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

[audio:] Download Grooveblaster Feature Promo (60 sec mp3) This week I will present a 60 min Artist Feature with The Grooveblaster on Chillcast with Anji Bee. Hear how Gerry had his MySpace account unceremoniously deleted, was denied digital distribution by CDbaby, was contacted directly by a band to ‘cease and desist’, and how he turned his musical career around from outlaw underground remixer to chic retro-lounge downtempo fave of KCRW DJ, Raul Campos, as we preview tracks from his latest album, Cities, Streets, & Bebop Nights. As I contributed vocals and lyrics to 3 of the tracks, I’m really excited about the album, but honestly, the whole thing is fantastic and includes collabs with the great Yasi Baby of Pacha Massive and posafe artist, Laura Harley, as well as great instrumental tracks with a sexy retro feel. There are...

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Chillcast #134: CC Asia Band Contest

Posted by on Oct 17, 2008 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 4 comments

Back on The Chillcast #122, I presented a spotlight on the CC Asia Band project that I took part in. At that time, the collection of 21 songs known as CABACA had just been released digitally on the Jamendo and StreetVoice websites. Now the CABACA album has been released as a gorgeous limited edition CD, as well. On top of that, the ccMixter community has been hard at work creating remixes using various files taken from the songs, sometimes a vocal, sometimes an instrument. This episode is a collection of some of those remixes. These songs are all Creative Commons licensed free downloads! [audio:] Download Chillcast #134 CC Asia Band Contest MP3 Playlist: “Naluwan House (Happiness Mix)” Kou Chou Ching & Anji Bee CABACA song sampled “Naluwan House” (2008) – Free Mp3 “We Are One (CBM Remix – ft....

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Chillcast #122: Spotlight on CC Asia Band

Posted by on Jul 28, 2008 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

[audio:] Download The Chillcast CC Asia Band Spotlight MP3 This week’s episode is a spotlight on the CC Asia Band release, CABACA. This 21 song album is the collaborative effort of dozens of artists spanning the Asia-Pacific region in the spirit of share and share alike. Friend of the show, MoShang, was one of the pivotal figures in the completion of this collection of songs, and you can hear his unmistakable stamp on several of the productions. I am very proud to bring you a small taste of the release and strongly encourage you to go download the full set — and if you’re a producer yourself, why not grab the remix files to contribute your own mix to this ongoing project? This is a Creative Commons release so podcasters, radio DJs, Second Life club owners, film makers etc...

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Chillcast Science for Girls Feature + Contest

Posted by on Apr 5, 2008 in artist feature, podcast, The Chillcast | 2 comments

[audio:] Download Chillcast Science for Girls Feature MP3 I’m very pleased to bring you a special feature on the wonderful new album by Science for Girls, the recording project of Darren Solomon featuring a host of talented male and female vocalists from the New York indie music scene. Darren and I sat down for a nice half hour chat about his exceptional debut independent CD. Playlist: “Sonnet 96 (with William Rottman)” “You’ll Never Know” “14 Days (with Bronwen Exter)” “Australia (with Paul Brill)” “Sweet Life (with Jean Rohe)” “Sleepwatching (with Hugh Wilson)” “Pattern Recognition (with Trevor Exter)” “Violet (with Renee Cologne)” “Northern Lights (with Boots Ottestad)” Science for Girls CD Contest: Enter to win one of 3 copies of the brand new self-titled Science for Girls CD. The winners will be selected at random – please enter before April...

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