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Chillcast/In Over Your Head Special #2

Chillcast/In Over Your Head Special #2

Julien Smith and I were reunited this week for another off-the-cuff conversation via Skype. We chat about anything and everything including the effects of podcast celebrity, avoiding parenthood, Julien’s Listen To Your Kids podcast, Homeless Nation, my Chillin’ with Anji Bee vidcast, podcast conferences and fanboy-dom, women podcasters, the podcast hype game, the importance of change, and more. I’m numbering this episode 49, just FYI…

Warning: Julien has a potty-mouth.
Warning 2: This episode is an hour long.


Show Playlist:

  1. Macromantics “Scorch” from Moments In Movement (2007)
  2. Karsh Kale “Manifest” from Broken English (2006)
  3. Shihan “Activism” from The Poet (2005)
  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto War & Peace (2004)

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anjibee says:

LOL michelle! i really LOVE the collabocasts with julien, too. if you feel like you need a bit more, you can always listen to our first podcast together:

hopefully one day jules and i will chat like this again. i miss that boy!

Ok st the risk of sounding like a stalker here, I have to say that I keep coming back to this interview every once in a while (not monthly! like once a year or so) for a bit of a taste. “Une belle complicité” between you and Julien as we say in Montreal .. and two unbelievable voices. Could listen over and over in a loop … but I won’t say that out loud because that’s just crazy talk 😉

Stalker warning: I’m now going to mention this podcast episode in my blog, and link back to it. Please don’t call the police – I’m harmless!

Juan says:

Great show loved the music and that interaction

julien says:

dude, super fun to do.