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Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

This week I present my second artist feature with San Francisco band, Karmacoda. This time around we actually met up in Chillcast studio to chat live and in-person about their 4th album, Eternal, released last month. We had a really great time, which I think you’ll be able to hear in our conversation. Since we already got into the band’s history and past releases in my 2007 Chillcast Karmacoda artist feature, this time we focused solely on their new material. I close out the show with the premier of their brand new live acoustic recording of “Feel The Weight” — watch for the video on the next Chillcast Video!

Download Chillcast Karmacoda Interview Feature (mp3)


  1. “If You Give It To Me (Our Summer Of Love)” Eternal on iTunes
  2. “Love Will Turn Your Head Around (feat. Beth Hirsch & Anji Bee)” [HDR format] Eternal HDR on
  3. “Epic” Eternal on iTunes
  4. “Epic (Reprise)” Eternal on iTunes
  5. “Epic (Return To Mono Remix)” ‘Epic – Single’ Buy on iTunes
  6. “Somewhat (You Know)” Eternal on iTunes
  7. “I Am Just Not Listening Any Longer” Eternal on iTunes
  8. “In A Little Bit” Eternal on iTunes
  9. “Get Me Through Another Lonely Night” Eternal on iTunes
  10. “Feel The Weight” Eternal on iTunes
  11. “Repair + Beauty” [HDR format] Eternal HDR on
  12. “Float Me” [HDR format] Eternal HDR on
  13. “Into Each Life” Eternal on iTunes
  14. “Feel The Weight (Live)” unreleased

Karmacoda in Chillcast Studio with Anji Bee

B & Heather of Karmacoda in The Chillcast studio with Anji Bee

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Good interview, Anji, thanks, it’s always cool to know the stories behind songs. Autotuned the windchimes, B, you kill me. Chill interview, chill new album, chillcast.