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Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

This is the most deluxe Chillcast feature yet! Enjoy a full hour of music from all four Karmacoda albums as I chat with band vocalists, Brett Crockett and Heather Pierce, about their history, creative process, career highlights, and much more. Plus Karmacoda are holding an extra special contest — 10 Chillcast listeners will win! San Fran fans: be sure to check out Karmacoda’s Illuminate Release Party gig on April 7th at 330 Ritch.


Download the Chillcast Karmacoda Feature (mp3)


  1. “Make Like Mine” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  2. “Frail” Reco mended (2001) Karmacoda - Reco mended
  3. “Whatwithall” Evidence (2003) Karmacoda - Evidence
  4. “Glow” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  5. “Motion Picture” Reco mended (2001) Karmacoda - Reco mended
  6. “Where You Sleep” Evidence (2003) Karmacoda - Evidence
  7. “Swan” Reco mended (2001)Karmacoda - Reco mended
  8. “All That Depth (Chimerical Child Remix)” Altered Evidence (2004) Karmacoda - Altered Evidence: Late Night Remixes
  9. “Your Love (Whatwithall Remix by DJ Amber & Russ Arteaga)” Altered Evidence (2004) Karmacoda - Altered Evidence: Late Night Remixes
  10. “Tragic (Tyler Stone’s Tragically Hip Mix)” Altered Evidence (2004) Karmacoda - Altered Evidence: Late Night Remixes
  11. “Delay the Sun” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  12. “Wonder” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  13. “Hope Over Hope” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  14. “Chapel” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  15. “Skylines” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes
  16. “Endings” Illuminate (2007) Karmacoda - Illuminate
  17. “Turn” Illuminate (2007) Buy on iTunes


Karmacoda Illuminate CD giveaway contest!

Please visit the official contest page at to enter for a chance to win your choice of a copy of their latest album or ladies t-shirt!

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Janice O'Brien says:

wow, Heather’s vocals on these tracks are awesome! i just love her haunting and lovely sound! 🙂

Sean says:

I just got my copy of Illuminate, signed by the band and all. Thanks to you Anji and Karmacoda for offering the little contest and for doing the show. I ripped the disk to Windows Media Player and it is on my MP3 player now. I got to enter the track info in, good sign that you are on to something new. Delay the Sun is an early favorite.

Thanks again!

Ronnoc3 says:


Awsome interview that was pretty groovy. Keep up the good work Babe.

Plattitude says:

I made a special trip to our grad computer lab just to download this episode and listen to it at work, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to buy “Illuminate.” You rock!


Mo says:

Loved the feature Anji! I’ve probably listened to it 4x already. I’m excited about the next feature.


Sean says:

I really liked this episode. The discussion about Cd’s vs. MP3 and the talk about how podcasting effects independent artists was very interesting.

The music was great, I downloaded Reco Mended from Emusic last month, and have listened to it a few times.

I can’t express enough how cool it is for people like me who love music, but are not really a part of the music industry, to get to know about these artists and the music they make.

Japester says:

I really like these artist features. I hope you do many more.

Wonderful music.