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Chillcast #291: The Cure

Chillcast #291: The Cure

Continuing on from last week’s darker theme, today’s show has a bit of a gothic flavor, filled with melancholy. Half new tunes favoring moody guitar and female vocals, the second half is filled with cover songs or side projects of The Cure, whom I am lucky enough to have tickets to see next week at The Pantages Theater. There are lots of free downloads in this mix, so be sure to grab ’em. Oh, and stay tuned to the end to find out if you won a copy of the new Falling You album, Adore!

Download Chillcast #291: The Cure (mp3)


  1. Karmacoda “In A Little Bit” Buy on iTunes
  2. Annie Barker “Cruel” Buy on iTunes
  3. Falling You “Champagne (feat. Suzanne Perry)” Buy on iTunes
  4. The Swerve “The Virgin” Buy on iTunes
  5. Levinhurst “All Cats Are Grey” Buy on iTunes (original by The Cure)
  6. Ping Trace “A Forest” Buy on iTunes (original by The Cure)
  7. Jenn Mierau “Lovesong” Download Free Mp3 (original by The Cure)
  8. Tweaker “Truth Is (feat. Robert Smith) Download Free Mp3
  9. :papercutz “Disintegration” Download Free Mp3 (original by The Cure)
  10. Crystal Castles “Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) [DJ MRK Remix – Radio Edit]” Download Free Mp3
  11. 65daysofstatic “Come To Me (feat. Robert Smith)” Download Free Mp3

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Stevie Ray Frog says:

Man, I landed back on this episode again. Good theme. Well executed. Thanks!