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Chillcast #318: Summer Shadows

Chillcast #318: Summer Shadows

After the last show’s upbeat Summertime House Mix, I’m back with a more shadowy selection of music. Beautiful in the extreme, ambient tinged, and touched by sadness, this 60 min set features lots of lovely vocals – primarily female – with subdued beats. Flowing from chillout to lovestep to alternapop, the pace and mood picks up a bit towards the end. Well, you’ll see! Just kick back, hit play, and float away… Nearly all of these songs are free downloads, so grab your favorites from the links below!

Download Chillcast #318: Summer Shadows (mp3)


  1. Belleruche “Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix)” Download Label Love Vol. 4 FREE
  2. Anthony Valadez “Now What? (feat. Genevieve Artadi)” Buy Just Visiting on iTunes
  3. Hannah Cohen “Crying Game (Active Child Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  4. Emily Underhill “Fly” Download Free Mp3
  5. Birdy “Skinny Love (Owsey Remix)” Download Owsey’s Remixes FREE
  6. Sweetheart of KairiCoMa “Last Summer Song” Download Free Mp3
  7. Stumbleine “Daydreamer” Buy Sunshine Girls on Bandcamp
  8. Saint Saviour “I Won’t Kneel/Deep Sweet Love” Download Free Mp3
  9. Active Child“Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  10. New Navy “Breathe” Download Free Mp3
  11. Smoothiesforme“Forbidden (Vaizo Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  12. CoMa “Where Do We Go (Synthetic Epiphany Remix)” Download Free Mp3

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