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Chillcast #319: Pop Vox

Chillcast #319: Pop Vox

Today’s show is moving away a bit from the spacier sounds I’ve been favoring the past few months into some more solidly pop territory. Of course, you know me, I don’t go in too much for pop music but I do have a soft spot for catchy choruses and big r&b vocals. As such, there’s actually a few famous vocalists in the mix today, though not always credited on the track. You’ll see what I mean. Turns out 11 of the 14 songs in today’s show – including the world premier of a brand new Karmacoda remix by Tyler Stone – are legal free downloads, so grab your faves from the links below.

Download Chillcast #319: Pop Vox (mp3)


  1. Misun “Coffee” Download Free EP
  2. Nyree & the Auto Charm “Tijuana (Original Mix)” Download Tijuana – Single from iTunes
  3. Le Youth “Memories” Download Free Mp3
  4. AlunaGeorge “You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  5. Active Child “Hanging On (GRVRBBRS Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  6. Moon Boots “Sugar” Download Free Mp3
  7. Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  8. The Hint “Plus One Minus One (Le Youth Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  9. DJ Eleven feat. Sharina Doyle “Last Beat” Download Free Mp3
  10. Daniel Klauser “Say My Name” Download Free Mp3
  11. Jill Scott “Talk To Me (The 314 Mix)” Download Crates – Remix Fundamentals, Vol. 1 on iTunes
  12. Karmacoda “Feel The Weight (Tyler Stone Remix)” Download Free Mp3 EXCLUSIVE!
  13. Daft Punk “Something About Us (Psymbionic Remix)” Download Free Mp3
  14. Swarms “Low Sun (feat. Shirka)” Buy Low Sun EP on Bandcamp

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Jan in Scottsbluff ~ says:

Hi Anji ~ this is an awesome Chillcast. we have been listening to them while we study. thanks for introducing me to Lana Del Rey. she is awesome ~!

Amjafuso says:

It’s loooooong time ago music made me so happy. But your choice of music is just excellent! I feel so happy right now, thanks a lot Anji!

B says:

We’re thrilled to be a part of the latest Chillcast episode! You’re the best Anji!
Much love,