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Chillin’ with Lovespirals #74

Posted by on Feb 21, 2010 in chillin with lovespirals, podcast | 0 comments

Anji and Ryan give some background and insight into their first-ever music video for “Home,” talk about their recent interview feature on The Chillcast, give a full description of the upcoming Lovespirals Harlot Happy Hour Show with Karmacoda, lament the loss of the BlizzzCrib rental, announce the long overdue digital release of the Walk Away EP on Amie St, discuss the film Crazy Heart and country music, describe Ryan’s new effect pedal board, chat about the Supernatural Santana show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, mention the upcoming Experience Hendrix tour, and share their upcoming new single, “Love,” in this half hour episode. Come join the Lovespirals Facebook Group if you haven’t already! [audio:] Download Chillin’ with Lovespirals #74 (mp3) Supernatural Santana Pix: Show Sponsor Message: Chillin’ with Lovespirals is brought to you in part by GoDaddy....

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