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Chillin’ with Lovespirals #80

Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in chillin with lovespirals, podcast | 0 comments

Anji and Ryan sit down together to share all of Lovespirals latest doings. They open the show chatting about the Junip and Sheryl Crow shows they attended last week, including their thoughts on Sheryl’s album, 100 Miles From Memphis, produced and co-written by their favorite guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, Doyle Bramhall II. The duo also give an update on production of the new Anji Bee album, and working on new song as Lovespirals,  plus collaborations with The Grooveblaster and Bart of Audra. Anji discusses the new video for “Believe,” the behind-the-scenes Future Past photoshoot video, and Chillcast Video show. Ryan introduces the official launch of Anji’s Goodies, a food blog with Anji’s vegan recipes and tips, as well as an update to Ryan’s personal blog.The biggest news is Lovespirals’ Sony ACIDplanet remix contest for “Feel So Good” — the band closes out...

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Chillin’ with Lovespirals #74

Posted by on Feb 21, 2010 in chillin with lovespirals, podcast | 0 comments

Anji and Ryan give some background and insight into their first-ever music video for “Home,” talk about their recent interview feature on The Chillcast, give a full description of the upcoming Lovespirals Harlot Happy Hour Show with Karmacoda, lament the loss of the BlizzzCrib rental, announce the long overdue digital release of the Walk Away EP on Amie St, discuss the film Crazy Heart and country music, describe Ryan’s new effect pedal board, chat about the Supernatural Santana show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, mention the upcoming Experience Hendrix tour, and share their upcoming new single, “Love,” in this half hour episode. Come join the Lovespirals Facebook Group if you haven’t already! [audio:] Download Chillin’ with Lovespirals #74 (mp3) Supernatural Santana Pix: Show Sponsor Message: Chillin’ with Lovespirals is brought to you in part by GoDaddy....

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Chillcast #174: What U Live 4

Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in podcast, The Chillcast | 2 comments

The Chillcast has got more of what you live for; the very best new music online! Sorry, I couldn’t resist a tie-in with a song that I’m very excited to present to you fine listeners this week featuring one my favorite artists whom I’ve never been able to play on the show before due to my show’s strict Podsafe status. This whole show is truly exceptional, with some great new finds and music sent in to the show. You are in for a treat, my friends! Hey, don’t forget to download the free album, EP and song included in the shownotes. Enjoy! [audio:] Download The Chillcast #174 (mp3) Playlist: “Spinning (Extended Version)” Balligomingo Under An Endless Sky (2009) Buy CD on Amazon | Buy Digitally via Balligomingo “From Out Of Nowhere (Tom Pritchard Remix)”  Adam Fielding From Out Of...

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Chillin’ with Lovespirals #67

Posted by on Jul 16, 2009 in chillin with lovespirals, podcast | 0 comments

Ryan and Anji bring you a final update (*crossing fingers*) on the noisy neighbor’s construction project and getting back into the studio to record again. Lots of talk about Lovespirals’ new song, “One Of Those Days,” plus a preview of it at the end of the show. Ryan describes his new Howie pedal and how it mimicks a Dumble amp sound which leads into to a conversation about various studio upgrades the band have made this year. They also discuss the their recent quest for an outside recording space, share the religious experience they had at the final Clapton & Winwood show at the Hollywood Bowl, mention their excitement at going to see Doyle Bramhall II with the Arc Angels this week, and talk about participating in the Meals For Seals sponorship program at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center....

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7 Songs Meme

Posted by on Mar 30, 2007 in blog | 1 comment

First off, don’t ask me why it’s 7 songs and not 5 songs or 10 songs. All I know is that sexy Mr. Smith tagged me and since I do nothing but listen to music all day I can come up with 7 songs standing on my head. Opinion varies on whether these should be podsafe, free downloads, recent releases etc… I’m kinda going by what iTunes says I’ve been playing the past few weeks (besides the Lovespirals mixes from the CD we’re working on…) For your perusal: “Give You My Heart” Doyle Bramhall II unreleased (2004) – Stream on MySpace “Turn” Karmacoda Illuminate (2007) – “Change in My Lifetime” Causeway Endless Summer (2006) – “In High Places” Hexes & Ohs Motion K’Motion EP (2006) – Download from MySpace “Everyday” Incognito Bees + Things + Flowers (2006) – “I...

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