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Chillcast 144: End of 2008 Special

Chillcast 144: End of 2008 Special

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This is it, the final Chillcast of 2008. To make it extra special, I am giving away one giant grab bag of CDs from 8 of the artists in this episode. See below for details. Thanks so much for making my podcast a weekly part of your life, it means more to me than you know. I may not always say it in the show, but I love you guys and appreciate your continued support. And that goes doubly for the bands that send in their music. I hope you are having the most chillaxin’ holiday EVARRRRR!!! Please stay tuned for a mellow New Year’s Day Chillout Mix next week.


  1. “Why Me, Why Now (ft. Alexis Strum) Blu Mar Ten Black Water (2008) Blu Mar Ten - Why Me, Why Now - EP
  2. “In A Long Time (Hon Chillout Remix) 46bliss Remix Me Away Vol 2. (2008) 46bliss - Remix Me Away, Vol. 2 - In a Long Time (Hon Chillout Remix)
  3. “Skimming” Halou Halou (2008) Halou - Halou - Skimming
  4. “Far Away” All India Radio Fall (2008) All India Radio - Fall - Far Away
  5. “Mellow Drama” General Fuzz Soulful Filling (2008) Free Mp3 Album
  6. “Everything Is Good (Pt. 2) Mr. Meeble Never Trust the Chinese (2008) Mr. Meeble - Never Trust the Chinese - Every Thing Is Good (part 2)
  7. “Once In A Blue Moon” Lovespirals Long Way From Home (2007) Lovespirals - Long Way from Home - Once In a Blue Moon
  8. “Away Too Long” Christian Erickson Long Way Up, Longer Way Down (2008) Free Mp3 EP
  9. “Bollyhood” DJ Logic, Falú, Global Noize & Jason Miles Global Noize (2008) DJ Logic, Falú, Global Noize & Jason Miles - Global Noize - Bollyhood
  10. “Cali Spaces (Kaskade Remix Edit)” Mark Farina The OM Remixes (2008) Mark Farina - Cali Spaces - EP
  11. “Fluide” Iëlo Minus One (2008) Iëlo - Calm Before Dawn - Fluide
  12. “Crossing the Pond (Demo Mix)” CC Asia Band (Snolbind & Anji Bee) Unreleased (2008) Snoblind & Anji Bee - CC Asia Band: Cabaca - Crossing the Pond
  13. “O Come O Come Emmanuel” Sleepthief (with Kirsty Hawkshaw, Coury Palermo & Zoe Johnston) Single (2008) Free Mp3
  14. “Chapel (Live Acoustic)” Karmacoda Ultraviolet (2009) coming soon!

Chillcast 8 CD Contest

2008 CD Grab Bag Contest:

Enter to win one grand prize “grab bag” of CDs by Chillcast artists including Lovespirals, CC Asia Band, Mr. Meeble, All India Radio, Kaskade, General Fuzz, Jason Miles, and the Minus One compilation. The first 3 CDs listed are autographed.

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