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Chillcast #226: Birthday Wishes

Chillcast #226: Birthday Wishes

Refreshed and invigorated by a wine tasting getaway last week, I’m back with another amazing set of new tunes that flows from deep house and chillout to funkier, more upbeat electronica offerings from some of the finest talents out there. Part of the celebration last week was for the birthday of Ryan Lum, whose actual birthday is this Saturday. You can send your well wishes to him over at or if you are so inclined. Anyway, Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Download Chillcast #226: Birthday Wishes (mp3)


  1. “Luxury (ft. Catherine Russell)” Blue Six Noesis (2010) Buy on iTunes
  2. “Flexxx (Tee’s InHouse Radio) Astrid Suryanto Flexxx (2010) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Mp3
  3. “Can’t Stop” The Charlie North Michael e Project Secrets Like These (2010) Buy on iTunes
  4. “Into You” Iëlo with Elana Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol. 4 (2010) Buy on iTunes
  5. “Que Quiero (ft. Anji Bee)” 7 Day Visa Buenos Aires (2010) Music Alley (Podsafe Music Network) | Buy on iTunes
  6. “Pretty Fly Away” Afterschool Special Organica Lounge (2010) Buy on iTunes
  7. “Above Words (Badmammal Remix)” Blu Mar Ten Natural History Remixes: Part 1 (2010) Buy on iTunes
  8. “Sun (Portable [aka Bodycode] Remix)” Kenton Slash Demon Sun EP (2010) Download Free Mp3
  9. “Love (7 Day Visa Dub Step Remix)” Lovespirals Love EP (2010) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Mp3
  10. “Medicine Man (ft. EskaTrackademicks Remix)” Zero 7 The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 3 mixed by DJ TAP.10 (2010) Download Free Mp3
  11. “How We Get Down (RTHM Remix)” Chuck Love How We Get Down (2010) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Mp3
  12. “Hold’er” Jaidene Veda Pisces Pendulum (2010) Buy on Bandcamp

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Anji & Ryan @ Cyrus
Ryan and I chillin’ in the Cyrus lounge. Photo by Heather Pierce.

Jan O'Bri says:

loved it: “Above Words (Badmammal Remix)” Blu Mar Ten ~

and your “Love (7 Day Visa Dub Step Remix)” has a kool rap sound to it and your voice adds a nice deminsion to it.

you guys look happy! glad you had a Happy Birthday, Ryan ~:D