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Anji Bee Interview on Inside The Rift

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in dj mix, headline stories, interview, news | 0 comments

Michigan based blog, Inside The Rift, interviewed Anji for their ‘Metaphysics & Spirituality’ section this month. The feature goes into depth about about vegan lifestyle and popular YouTube channel, as well as her long career in music. Prox also asks what books, music and YouTube channels Anji has been into recently. It’s a fairly lengthy piece, replete with related photos, video, and links. Check it out at You can also stream a mix by Anji Bee for the Inside the Rift soundcloud...

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Chillcast #309: Savasana DJ Mix

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 2 comments

I know, I know, I’m spoiling you guys with special DJ mixes on my “week off,” but I just can’t help it! As you probably heard, I did a DJ set last weekend for my friend’s new monthly event, Savasana. It was my first time using an iPad to DJ, which was a trip. I loved the set I put together so I just had to share it with you. Its a blend of brand new and recent tracks, plus a few oldies, with a nice variety of genres. This set is designed for chillin’ and head bobbing, more than sweaty dance floors. Many fantastic free downloads included — enjoy! [audio:] Download Chillcast #309: Savasana DJ Mix (mp3) Playlist: Synkro “I Miss You” Download Free Mp3 Shortcircles “Searching For A Reason” Download Free Mp3 (full album) Quadron “Horse (Jeffrey...

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Chillcast #307: 90 Min DJ Mix

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 1 comment

I was jonesin’ to do a show this week, and after mentioning that fact on Facebook Friday, folks started encouraging me to give in and just do it. A few people have asked me recently to do another 90 minute mix, so this seemed like a great time to jump in with both feet and explore some of the funkier, sexier, and more upbeat numbers that have been coming in. This extended 90 minute set goes from mid-tempo electrofunk, to slinky downtempo, and then deep house – ending on a super high note of vocal pop house. There’s a mix of vocal and instrumental pieces here, and a number of really great free legal downloads. Enjoy! [audio:] Download Chillcast #307: 90 Min DJ Mix Playlist: Jensen Sportag “Everything Good” Download Free Mp3 Opolopo “Twenty-Second Thoughts” Download Free Mp3 All...

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Chillcast 90 Min Party Mix

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

Even though I promised to take last week off from the show, I ended up creating this 90 minute DJ mix with some of my fave fun upbeat retro-edge tracks from the past 2 years. Many of these tunes have been featured on the show, but there’s a few great tunes you’ve not heard before. I put this set together intending to drop it at my all-raw-vegan-desserts birthday party this past Saturday, but I ended up enjoying dancing to Justin and Ryan‘s sets so much that I didn’t get around to it! However, I danced around my kitchen as I created raw brownies, cookies, and pie the night before. Oh, there’s no show intro or outro on this, since its not *technically* a Chillcast, but a DJ set. Enjoy! (And be sure to grab all the free downloads included)...

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Chillcast #297: NYE Dance Mix

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday season. Today is the last show of year, and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so to celebrate, I put together a super sexy extended 45 minute mix of upbeat dance music. Crank it up at your NYE party or just listen to it alone to get into a partying mood. I’ve packed this set with soulful vocals, both male and female, plus plenty of beats and bass to get your booty shaking. Wishing you all a fantastic new year! [audio:] Download Chillcast #297: NYE Dance Mix Playlist: Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia “A Girls’ Gotta Get Her Lovin’” Buy on iTunes The Rurals “Gratitude” Buy on iTunes Lovespirals “Walk Away (Funklovers Remix)” Buy on Bandcamp Leotone “Dreamer” Buy on iTunes Dorothy’s Ghost “Once Upon A Time (Lee Waxman Remix)” Buy on...

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Chillcast #281: Labor Day Mix

Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 1 comment

This Labor Day weekend I present an extended 90 minute DJ mix for your listening pleasure. Primarily deep house of various styles, this set is upbeat yet chill, with a mix of vocal and instrumental tunes. There’s some brand new stuff in here, as well as a few tunes I’ve been holding on to for the right occasion. So as not to break the party mood, I kept my voice overs at a minimum, with the shortest of intros and outro and no talking in between tracks. Instead, I had a little fun mixing and cross fading tunes. Enjoy! [audio:] Download Chillcast #281: Labor Day Mix (mp3) Playlist: Sonarpilot “Nambia Nightflight (Original Mix)” Buy on iTunes Castillo & Face (ft. Jennifer Perryman) “Funky Little Dots (Very Deep Dub Mix)” Buy on Traxsource The Rurals “On My Way” Buy on...

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Chillcast #278: Magic

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 0 comments

This week’s episode of The Chillcast is filled with magic! And much of that magic comes from a slew of lovely new chillout lounge albums sent in to the show. Today’s mix is so chillaxed that I didn’t want to break the mood, so look forward to floating away with the music without any jibber-jabber from me in between tracks. Turns out there are 2 free tracks in this show, check them out the show notes below! [audio:] Download Chillcast #278: Magic (mp3) Playlist: boyChild “Count What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse) Buy on iTunes | Download Free Track Falling You “Alchemy (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)” Buy on Magnatune Afterlife “Miracle” Buy on iTunes Thomas Lemmer “Is It Too Late (feat. Lena Belgart)” Buy on iTunes Velvet Lounge Project “You Are My Life” Buy on iTunes Stephanie Morillo with Belle Boussole “Midnight...

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Chillcast #272: IndepenDANCE Day Mix

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 4 comments

Its that time of the year when we Americans celebrate our independence and what better way to celebrate than with a fun, upbeat, extended dance mix? Whether you’ve got special 4th of July activities planned or you’re at your usual 9-5 here or somewhere else in the world, you are sure to enjoy the extra hour of tunes today. Look forward to funky fresh downtempo, soulful vocal house, and world-influenced beats in this 90 minute DJ set. Enjoy! [audio:] Download Chillcast #272: IndepenDANCE Day Mix (mp3) Playlist: “Sun-Vibes (All Good Funk Alliance Remix Dub)” Swamburger Quincy Jointz presents Lime Sorbet (2011) Buy on iTunes “New Life” Jeremy Glenn New Life (2011) Buy on iTunes “Mind On You” Kate Simko Lights Out (2011) Download Free Mp3 “Free (Glenn Underground SJU Rewerk)” Face feat Jennifer Perryman House Sessions Vol. 1 (2010)...

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Chillcast #266: Rapture Mix

Posted by on May 20, 2011 in dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 2 comments

Some people are convinced that The Rapture will occur this weekend. If that’s the case, then I figure we’re gonna need a really good playlist for the occasion. From darkly contemplative ambiance to celebratory booty shakers, this set runs the gamut, encompassing both the light and the dark.  With beat matching, crossfades, and dropped in samples, this week’s show is completely DJ style, with no talking in between tracks. I want to dedicate this set to fellow DJ and KUCI alum, Clay Young, who passed away earlier this week. You will be missed, baby! [audio:] Download Chillcast #266: Rapture Mix (mp3) Playlist: “Volume Rising A Cappella (The Heavenly Remix)” Hymnisphere Volume Rising (2011) Buy on Bandcamp “Who Is Like God” The Warheads Might Makes Right (2011) Download Free Album “Jacob’s Ladder” DJ Tram & Future BC The Turning Point...

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Chillcast #263: Keep It Deep

Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in contest, dj mix, podcast, The Chillcast | 1 comment

Fresh from my trip to San Francisco, I present a 1 hour mix set of deep minimal tech house and soulful deep house. Got some vocal numbers in the mix, but less so than the average Chillcast. I don’t think I’m doing this booty shaking set justice with my description; just check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Oh, I also announced the 5 lucky winners of the 5 Years of Chillin’ limited edition CD contest. Make sure to grab the free remix by OM Records stars, Dirty Vegas! [audio:] Download Chillcast #263: Keep It Deep (mp3) Playlist: “Daemon” Kenton Slash Demon Daemon – Single (2011) Buy on iTunes “Elegansia (Martin Schulte Remix” Timo Camillo Elegansia EP (2011) Buy on iTunes “Jazz (Monodeluxe Mix)” Marco Soundee feat. Eric Van Aro Jazz EP (2010) Buy on iTunes “The...

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