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Chillcast #114: Melou CD Contest!

Chillcast #114: Melou CD Contest!


Download Chillcast with Anji Bee #114 MP3

Just got a copy of the new Melou album and it is great. To celebrate, I’ve got a fantastic mix of “lovely ladies” tunes — all from 2008 — plus a Melou CD giveaway! This is the second 45 minute mix, and I think the extra tracks make it that much more fun. It sure is nice to get back to some vocal driven songs after last week… Oh, and for an extra special treat, stay tuned to the very end of the show for a bit of news directly from Kirsty Hawkshaw!


  1. “Me With You” san.drine Janvier (2008) Buy on iTunes | san.drine on eMusic
  2. “Renda Minha/Mulher Rendeira” Aline de Lima Açaí (2008) Buy on iTunes | Aline de Lima on eMusic
  3. “Our Song (Digitalic Sakura Mix by Yoshiyuki Endo)” Beth Hirsch Acid Planet Remix Contest (2008) Free Download | Beth Hirsch on eMusic | Chillcast Video #2: Beth Hirsch
  4. “Over & Under” Natalie Walker Over & Under (2008) Buy on iTunes | Natalie Walker on eMusic
  5. “Waking Up” Bitter:Sweet Drama (2008) Buy on iTunes | Bitter:Sweet on eMusic
  6. “Me Cai” Pacifika Asunción (2008) Buy on iTunes | Pacifika on eMusic
  7. “Unraveling” Liquid State Late Bloom (2008) Buy on iTunes
  8. “Rum n’ Chase” Melou Battery Park (2008) | Melou on eMusic
  9. “Good Time (Housemouse Remix)” Sunburn in Cyprus single (2008) Digital Subscription | Sunburn in Cyprus on eMusic
  10. “Tomorrow (ft Anji Bee: hidden track after ‘Dreaming a Thousand Dreams’)” Chandeen Teenage Poetry (2008) Buy on iTunes | Chandeen on eMusic | Chillcast Video #7: Chandeen

Melou ‘Battery Park’ CD Contest!

Melou’s fantastic sophomore album, Battery Park, is out now and you can get your hands on a free copy simply by posting a comment on this post, right here on! I will select a winner at random no sooner than 6/17/2008 – so get to it and good luck!

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Bibojim says:

Why yes, I am entering the contest.

anjibee says:

thanks for the kind replies folks. i’m guessing these are my entries to the shine contest, according to my own vague description of the contest… i’ll wait to see if we get a few more this week, then pick a winner soon after!

txivy says:

Just discovered ChillCast, LOVE IT!
Anji you have made a new fan, Thank you.

Am now very Chill…


CocteauBoy says:

woo hoo! i really liked this collection! thanks, anji! it made my work day a lot more… uhhh, chill. heh heh

troy aka CocteauBoy

macedonia says:

may i just say that the 45-minute time frame fits your show perfectly? it just feels right…

Nice to see a partial return of the “Lovely Ladies” concept. I’ve been listening to Lovely Ladies again recently. It’s a good idea to showcase the female voice.

I’m preparing my next CD Baby order and this episode was food for thought. Good to see so much new music here.

Gregg A. says:

THANX! The 45 minute Chillcast is “DA BOMB!” More of Anji Bee and the Chillcast is definitely a good thing! Am listening to this Chillcast and loving it!